12 days of fitness

Kick-start December with 12 days of fitness for £12 at DW Fitness Clubs

12 days of fitness

Picture how you spend your time off at Christmas. Are you relaxing on the sofa in your pyjamas, stuffing that second, or letís be honest – third, mince pie into your mouth?

The Christmas holidays are a time of well-deserved relaxation, the only time of the year when the world fully shuts down and you get the time to recharge your batteries ready for the New Year ahead.

We all have a tendency to overindulge over the festive period, but nobody wants to start the New Year feeling deflated. Why should you wait until January to embark upon an amazing new fitness journey? Kick start your December by embracing the 12 days of fitness for £12 with DW Fitness Clubs today!

Beat the winter blues by trying one of the many high-intensity cardio workouts at the club. Boxercise is an energy-packed workout which uses no-contact moves from boxing to fully condition your body. If you enjoy a fast-paced workout but want something a little less intense, then Step Aerobics would be the perfect class for you. Itís an easy to follow but challenging workout, which combines choreographed dance moves with an elevated step to work your lower body.

Another popular class that utilizes dance moves to achieve real results is Zumba. Inspired by traditional salsa and samba music, this workout has people of all ages hooked. Itís a fun, sociable activity thatís brilliant in toning and shaping your entire body.

If you are looking for something more relaxing, DW Fitness Clubs has plenty of other activities for you to enjoy over the 12 days of fitness for £12 period. For hundreds of years, people have used yoga to improve both their physical and mental wellbeing.

The concept of yoga is about creating a balance in body and mind through strength, flexibility and awareness. Pilates also uses core balance moves to strengthen and tone the body and connects you to your spiritual side. Donít be fooled, while both of these classes are low intensity compared to some of the other cardio classes on offer, they will still work hard to tone and sculpt your figure.

You donít have to be on your feet to get a rigorous workout. Enjoy a leisurely swim, or just cool down after a challenging session, in one of DW Fitness Clubsí well lit and very private swimming pools. Forget about the stresses of Christmas by taking a relaxing soak in the luxury hot spa pool.

While DW Fitness Clubs are known for their excellent classes and spa facilities, of course they also have a state of the art gym floor, featuring modern equipment and a team of friendly personal trainers ready to help you to get the most out of your visits.

If youíre ready to reenergise yourself for the New Year ahead, sign up for the 12 days of fitness for £12 offer at your local DW Fitness Club today.

We are giving two passes away to a lucky winner! Follow us on Twitter to be in with a chance. A winner will be picked on Friday 19th December…Good luck!


12 days of fitness

12 days of fitness

12 days of fitness


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