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As the dark nights roll in and the temperature is getting noticeably lower I've been pulling out my old favourites from the wardrobe to wrap up warm and fight the frost. My hair however has less of a defence against the cold.
Facing years of abuse, from straightening to curling and back again (sometimes even in the same night), my poor hair has had to withstand more than I dare to think about and sadly sometimes it starts to get a little dull, especially in the winter.

But last week a product arrived on my doorstep that is the answer to my hair prayers. The REPLENISH – Colour Preserving Mask from Nanokeratin Systems has been nothing less than a god-send in my fight against the changing seasons.


As far as the science goes, Nanokeratin Systems use natural materials to"reconstruct the hair fibre, activate the inner hair tissue and create a shield against elements of the environment". In real-life terms? The products help to repair your hair, brightening and moisturising it to provide a defence against the affects that the weather and city life can have on your hair.  

Unlike a usual deep conditioner, the hair mask has a gel-like consistency (a little similar to vaseline) and is to be applied to the hair after cleansing for around 2-3 minutes. When I washed the product off I also noticed a huge difference, my hair didn't feel like it had been caked in conditioner and also wasn't too soft and fly-away when styling, unlike other products I've used in the past. Usually after drying I would need to straighten my hair to calm down the many strays, however after using the colour mask my hair was a lot more manageable and tame. 

I also found that the mask helped to brighten my hair, as I've had it blonde for many years I often find that the roots get a little dull between visits to the stylist however it definitely felt healthier after a couple of uses. 

Not coloured? Not a problem. Nanokeratin Systems have a range of products for all hair types, whether you're looking to preserve coloured hair or to rehydrate dry hair, there's something for everyone. You can browse the products on their website to find one that's best for you and also learn a little more about the science behind the products and the way they work.


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