Wash away January blues with Argania

Do you want satin-smooth hair that doesn't look fly-away or greasy? Or maybe to add definition to your curles without it being sticky and knotting?

Look no further than the hair products from Argania! Argania is made in New Zealand and uses Moroccan Argan oil to keep your hair moisturised, shiny and frizz free.

Even after the first use of this product I saw a difference, I used the Cashmere Hair leave-in conditioner after washing and found that any frizz I usually find after shampooing had disappeared. The product also doesn't make your hair feel fly-away which is an added extra as I often find with these types of product my hair is too soft to manage. To keep my hair tamed between washes I used the Liquid Gold hair oil, an added bonus is that you can use this product on dry hair and it doesn't leave your hair feeling flat and greasy. 

Argania also include products in their range for your skin and for a perfectly bronzed tan, just what you need for beating the January blues. You can buy their product range from Boots to keep your hair soft and your skin glowing.




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