Afterdark shenanigans

Afterdark shenanigans  

Afterdark shenanigans

So this month I have been asked to attend the VIP Afterdark event hosted by Arndale Centre, Manchester.

What's it all about I hear you ask? A handful of Manchester's finest bloggers will be asked to choose from a selected retailer a truly 'perfect' party dress.

I always find that particularly at this time of year, pinning down the dress that makes you look and feel like a million dollars is a difficult task. Not because you can't find 'a' dress, but due to the sheer scale of choice and designs offered by high street brands and online retailers – it can be pretty mind boggling stuff!

Here's the great thing about the #Afterdark event. I have been paired up with the fabulous, home to all things glitz & glam retailer 'Pastiche'.

This weekend I will be popping down to Manchester Arndale to pick a dress that suits my style and taste. In all honesty, I go for the understated glamorous look.

I'm personally not big on super duper short dresses. I'm in love with a midi that's figure hugging and classy but at the same time, who can resist a beautiful flowing maxi dress for Christmas.

Wish me luck and I look forward to letting you know how I get on!


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