Afternoon tea at the Hilton

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Things got pretty cosmic for me last week when I was invited down to try out Cloud 23’s Afternoon Science Tea at the Hilton Hotel. The iconic cocktail and champagne bar, Cloud 23 is on the 23rd floor of Beetham Tower. Towering above Manchester City Centre skyline, this wonderful little spot puts a twist on traditional ‘afternoon tea’ as we know it.

Overlooking Deansgate, Cloud 23 boasts absolutely beautiful views of Manchester and since the weather didn’t disappoint, the blue sky and wonderful food added to the brilliant time I had, sipping away on a cup of tea and a flying chocolate saucer…

So what’s the ‘science afternoon tea’ all about…Well, it’s pretty simple. It’s afternoon tea all jazzed up. Let me explain. Accompanying your tea and coffee we were served a selection of cocktails in test tubes, chilli chocolate volcanoes complete with popping candy and the most indulgent flat scones with jam and clotted cream I have ever tasted. All the flavours some how worked well together and nothing quite beats the view in Manchester on a sunny day!

It’s odd that I have never been here before, I think most people may just associate Cloud 23 to being a bar but its such a perfect location to meet with friends and family during the day. I will certainly be coming back here, albeit for the scrumptious cakes but nonetheless, another visit is definitely on the cards. If you would like to book a table visit Cloud 23 for reservations. Check out my video here of the day.

*Thank you to Hilton Hotel for arranging this great afternoon.

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