Bringing fashionable Mojo back into Eye-Care


We are always on the look out for interesting business creatives and start-ups with a desire to shake things up and KITE is on a mission to do just that. 

Founded by Asad Hamir, who is the 28th in his family to become an optician, a passion for eye-care is in KITEís DNA. After years in the business, Asad couldnít help but feel the industry he loved had lost its mojo. The high street optician experience can all too often feel uninspiring and impersonal, with more focus on making a sale than making customers feel good. With the whole experience crying out for some attention, Asad gathered the industryís forward thinkers to create the ultimate new and unique optician experience Ė and KITE was born.


 How is visiting KITE a different experience?

 We wanted to flip the retail opticians experience on its head and create an experience that was nonsalesy, exciting but at the same time with real foundations of excellent eyecare and thatís what we have done with our first store at Westfield Stratford. The Store looks nothing like any other opticians you have ever seen. It is colourful, design-led, and elegant but at the same time simple to navigate around. The ambiance is completed by really cool music playing in the background. We know how difficult it is to pick the right pair of specs, to help we have custom developed a 46Ē virtual mirror we call the KITE Kiosk. Itís a multi-touch display, with a 15MP camera that allows you to take 1080p full HD #specselfies in your favorite KITEs and then share them with your social media network to see what they think.


What is your vision for eyecare services in the UK?

For us, there is no excuse for the sterile, salesy opticianís experience of today. Eyecare should be exciting! We want to bring about this change – create an experience that blows peopleís socks off, with expert eyecare and fashion focused innovative product design.


How did the concept come about?

The Optician industry is in my blood, being the 28th worked with the big chains after graduating, I realised the industry was in need of  some desperate shaking up with sterile, salesy experiences the norm. Two years ago, I put together a dream team and the KITE brand was born! Since day one, our mission has been to throw away the old-school rulebook and champion a new generation eyecare experience.


What do customers like about KITE?

They love the fresh experience in store; they can't believe it's an opticians! The frames – people love the trends, quality and combined with the Carl Zeiss lenses, the affordable pricing. They engage with the stories behind each frame, the wide range of colours, designs and the fact that they are all hand-made in Italy. We have had so many great compliments on the service and the culture within the team. We have worked really hard on creating a real customer centric environment.


What inspires you in your job?

What inspires me is the challenge of re-designing an age-old industry. I want  change the perception of the opticianís retail experience in the UK from sterile to style. I want to put smiles on our customerís faces, as well as lots of eyewear!


Your top 3 role models?

My top role models are my parents, they came from Africa in the 70s with nothing to their name, they set up their own businesses to support their families. Their businesses were built on foundations of amazing customer service, which Iíve carried on in my business career. Entrepreneurs, which I really look up to, are Richard Reed at Innocent for the amazing culture he has built in his business and Peter Jones for his similar Telco background and his ability to create successful businesses in several different industries. 

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