Brunching at PKB

A lady needs to know how to brunch and so when I was invited down to try out Pot Kettle Black’s new brunch menu, I clearly couldn’t resist!

The day I decided to visit it happened to be raining, I mean ‘properly’ raining, like raining cats and dogs. Having said that, when is it ever not raining in Manchester? So let’s set the scene, my sister and I running down Deansgate like maniacs – we worked up an appetite and very frizzy hair in the process!


Pot Kettle Black is inconspicuously tucked away inside Barton Arcade, honestly, it’s such a hidden little gem. It has a homely rustic feel about the place. The wooden tables and dimly lit coffee shop opens up to a surprisingly spacious dining area. As soon as you walk in through the door the enigmatic smell of coffee beans sort of smacks you in the face – in a good way!

First things first, my experience in any place I go to eat at is focused around how inviting the staff are…these guys were seriously awesome! So friendly, the place sort of feels like your hanging out in your friends living room, it’s a really chilled out place to relax, have a coffee or go for a bite to eat in Manchester.


On to the food.  The new PKB menu is rustic, honest, moorish grub! It’s the type of food your gran would rustle up on a Sunday morning. We started with good old coffee, an Americano and Latte to be precise. This coffee is second to none, if you happen to be walking through Manchester – avoid the usual Starbucks! I urge you to try their drinks, their coffee is amazing.


I tried out a few favourites according to the staff on the new brunch menu. First, the egg saganaki with feta, spinach and chilli with an olive and rosemary toast. The eggs were perfectly poached – the whole dish reminded me of a super sized egg soldiers breakfast with a salsa dip. It’s so filling but not to the point that it’s too much. The saganaki seemed to be made up from a tomato base, so if you’re partial to having eggs & tomatoes for brunch, this is the one to go for.


On to the poached eggs, avocado citrus basil and chilli on toasted sourdough bread. This dish is probably what I will go back and order again. It’s such a hearty meal and again, just the right amount per serving.


For those with a sweet tooth like me, you MUST try this. The cinnamon French toast, with hazelnut butter, maple syrup and vanilla mascarpone is a little slice of heaven on a plate! Not overpoweringly sweet at all, I don’t know how but the chef has got this unmistakinly spot-on.


So the verdict, each dish ranged between £7-£9 which isn’t bad for brunch. The servings are a good size but what I love most about this place is how you sort of feel your back at home. It’s good wholesome heart-warming food. The atmosphere is relaxed and it’s away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. I shall definitely be heading back soon, lets hope the weather is as good as the food on my return…yum!



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