Buying a designer handbag?

So I’m just going to put it out there, I love handbags – and I suppose my love for shoes is also just as insatiable.  Here’s the thing.  They are not cheap, they are expensive as hell, but ‘OMG’ dont they just complete any darn outfit!  Dress it up or dress it down, they are a much-needed necessity in life, well at least for me they are anyway.

I wanted to write this post mainly because I searched the internet to almost find a ‘dummies’ guide in which designer handbags to invest in.  I can say, it doesn’t exist which leads me on to why I hope this blog will be of some help to you.  Every year, or sometimes twice a year (if I have saved enough) I like to invest in a good designer handbag.  I wanted to give you some advice on the mistakes I have made when buying them, which brands to invest in, which brands to avoid and where you can buy to find a bargain.

Which brands to invest in

Ok, you know what I’m going to say already. There ain’t no handbag like a Chanel handbag.  If you put your money in lets say for example the Chanel Boy, you are on to a winner.  Season after season, this bag has retained its value. I have seen some vintage Chanel selling for almost 4k! That’s some serious cash for a bag.  However, if this is your thing, yes I would say any day.  This is one of the brands to go for.  The one pictured is the Boy Chanel Flap bag, it will set you back around £3,700 – you can also get the quilted version which I do prefer, it’s more classic.  Having said that, the Chanel wallet on chain is also timeless as well as the flap bag.

Chanel Boy flap








Small Chanel Flap

Louis Vuitton have recently really come leaps and bounds.  On my lust list firmly sits the LV Capucines handbag – it’s so classic and timeless.  I can see this one being around for a while.  It’s also just as expensive as a Chanel so let’s just say its a calculated risk.  Could you sell on and would the handbag retain its value, perhaps.  At least with the Chanel you know this would be the case.  Nevertheless, the LV collection is stunning.  Givenchy have some beautiful handbags, in particular the Antigona, a favourite for many ladies and Fendi is also a brand that I would invest in, the 2 and 3 jour.  One of my favourite British brands, the good old Mulberry.  I have the small Bayswater in grained mustard, its got to be one of my number one handbags.  Again these retain value to some degree but do go into the sale just a little cheaper.  I do however think the Mulberry is quintessentially British and I wouldn’t be without one this summer.   Oh did I mention Hermes…maybe in another couple of years but not quite there yet!

What wouldn’t I invest in…

This is a bit controversial since this brand is everywhere and yes, it does have some nice pieces but I won’t be buying a handbag from Michael Kors again.  It devalues massively, similarly to DKNY.  In all honesty, these are the more affordable handbag for anyone that wants to purchase them and by all means if you like this brand then great.  I think I was put off after buying one of these bags full price around £350 price tag and seeing it in sale for £150.  Absolutely sucked.  Similarly, I don’t think I would spend too much money on a Chloe either.  They also go into the sale, not with massive reductions but I would really need to adore one of their bags to spend over £1000.  The Chloe drew is to die for. it’s iconic and wonderful but each to their own.



Where to buy…

If you are looking to buy an expensive handbag, I couldn’t recommend Vestiaire Collective enough.  Pre-loved bags are a great way to go if you are after perhaps vintage or a handbag completely sold out.  The whole process is brilliant and in simple terms, you can’t pick up a fake – it’s all genuine and thoroughly checked.  I would definitely recommend Vestiaire as a first point of call.  Also check out sites like Farfetch, Net-a-porter, amongst others.  They do have good sales.  I would say the same for Selfridges or Harvey Nichols – if you snag a bargain you have to be quick on the mark.  Find out beforehand when items are due to go on sale and log on to websites as and when a sale is due.  The summer sale I always find is better than the Christmas one but you may have had  different experience.  I would avoid Ebay although there are people who do genuinely want to sell their goods.  Avoid buying a ‘wannabe designer handbag’ that looks like it could be shipped from Korea or China.  Yes, I have made this mistake but its a tug of war with Paypal to get your money back…they actually make you prove it’s a fake.  Buying from Ebay can be an absolute waste of time if you get stuck with a dodgy seller.

Thanks for reading and please do share your experiences with  me! Please subscribe to my blog in the meantime and looking forward to posting much, much more!

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