Candle magic

There's nothing quite like beautifully scented candles. The smell, aroma and serious charm of a candle can transform any room and pretty much 'light' up your home in a matter of seconds.  

There is such a huge variety and endless brands of candles on the market so it can often be quite confusing as to which ones to choose.  We have whittled down 5 of our absolute favourites for 2015!  We love them and we are pretty sure that you will too…

1. Lilly Flame 18 from


2. Gordon Castle 24 – check out the full range here 


3. Yankee Candles brand new Grand Bazaar range – they all vary in price and you can shop the collection here




4. Aroma Holiday Candles available to buy from here


5, The French Bedroom Company 22 Tuberose Triple wick candle available to buy here

Tuberose Triple-Wick Candle

If you want to know more about these fabulous candles – check out the A-L video below!  



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