SkinFix: Review

It’s been absolutely ages since I have blogged. I could see this as a bad thing, but in hindsight, my day job is often mad busy and with the kids to deal with after work it’s been almost impossible to steal a moment to write anything up. On the upside, a couple of months back I had been sent through some lovely gifts from Skinfix, like with any skin related products, I think it’s really important to try them for a moderately longer period of time to actually get a feel for the products and of course, cast judgment accordingly. I started using Skinfix around late February and continued to use it till the present day because it’s a fabulous skincare range.

After removing my make-up I lather up the foaming oil cleaner. A little bit goes a long way and you get a good amount of cleaner in the bottle. It’s helpful to use the cleaner with a facebrush if you have one, if not your hands will do the job. Using other oil cleansers I often feel that my skin feels tight and dry, not the case with Skinfix. It’s completely non-drying and leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean.

Next I use either the hydrating lotion or nourishing cream. The hydrating lotion I feel is best for the day, it’s light and absorbs into the skin effortlessly. It’s also great to apply foundation to the face afterwards as it is completely non-greasy. At night, I tend to use the nourishing cream, it’s slightly thicker and comes with a helpful pump action lid which means you don’t have to stick your fingers in to get the cream on your face. Again, the nourishing cream is non-greasy and has totally rid me of dry skin on my forehead. I also love these creams for not having a pungent smell to them, but again it’s personal preference. Some girls like a strong fragrance to the creams they use on their face, I prefer the latter.


Finally I dab a bit of brighteneing eye cream under the eyes. You need a tiny amount and apply this in a circular motion under and around the eyes.

My thoughts; firstly the range is dermotologically tested and recommended but Boots. The products are all reasonably priced  and have surprisingly performed better than other brands I have used that are much more expensive such as Bobbi Brown skincare. I haven’t had any reactions to the creams considering my skin is pretty sensitive and I have noticed a change to my skin, it looks less dull, it’s seriously nourishing and the brigtening eye cream is great for dark circles.  I will definitely be buying Skinfix again once this batch runs out. It’s taken me ages to finally find a range that a genuinely have liked, it’s one that I will be happy to use again!

The range is now available to buy at Boots.

No tricks, Just treats


Halloween is right around the corner and in true A-Listed style, I couldn’t resist a long overdue giveaway! It’s been a while since I last launched one, so I wanted to make this special!

I’m so pleased to have teamed up withProto-col night time renewal collection for a 144.80 beauty competition!

British beauty and skincare specialist, proto-col have introduced this amazing new anti-ageing skincare collection that’s designed to deliver beauty from the inside, out.

Here’s the science behind it,ELLE published an article, Everything You Need To Know About Drinkable Collagen, which proved that participants who consumed 2500mg of a hydrolysed collagen peptide once a day for eight weeks exhibited a 20 percent reduction in wrinkle depth around their eyes.
And these results were long-lasting: The women’s skin still demonstrated elevated moisture levels and elasticity four weeks after they stopped taking the supplements.

Following this revelation, proto-col launched the first and only collagen capsule clinically proven to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles, as well as increase skin elasticity.

These super strength collagen capsules provide you with the required daily dose, 2500mg, of VERISOL bioactive collagen peptide to deliver results, after just 4 weeks. The night time renewal collection comes with 3 months worth of collagen capsules, so you can sleep easy knowing that your skin is being looked after.

Complete your skincare routine with proto-cols collagen facial serum, a luxury facial serum treatment formulated to restore vitality and help maintain a youthful complexion. Made from the highest quality ingredients, including collagen, royal jelly and essential oils. The lightweight serum nourishes, protects, hydrates and firms skin.

So if you want to be in with a chance to win this fabulous prize all you need to do is FOLLOW me on Instagram @a_listed_girl

The winner will be picked on Monday 24th October! Good luck and Happy Halloween!

The world of the Luxury Lash by Nemay Beauty

I’m unfortunately born with lashes that are non-existent, I mean seriously, mascara sort of clumps them all up into one big chunk – not attractive at all! My brother and my two little boys have fuller lashes than me, it’s so unfair!

A full face of make-up warrants a good fake lash and I’m being honest here, I often avoid fake lashes because I find them so difficult to put on. If you are a pro at popping these bad boys on then please do shine a light. I have become so frustrated with them in the past that I have quite literally given up. Given up in the sense that I have flung them on to the mirror somewhere after uttering some choice phrases – I’m sure we have all been there…

Last year I even decided to have lash extensions, again – they are great but the excitement is short lived. They are expensive, fall out quick and you look like your slowly balding everytime you blink. I went on search for a good ‘fake lash’ and came across a fantastic brand called Nemay Lashes.


The brain-box behind these real mink lashes Asiya Ajmal has had these selected all the way from Russia (with LOVE) and they come in an array of different sizes to suit every occasion.

Firstly the packaging is so cute. Every individual lash comes hand-wrapped in a small circular box off-set with a gold insert that holds the lashes together in the container. The lashes are carefully selected and are made from real mink.


Now, I’m completely against anything to do with cruelty to animals and so I was glad to know, the fur is simply brushed off the animal and none of them are hurt in the process. The cruelty free logo is there for a reason which is always good for peace of mind.

These 3D luxurious mink lashes come in 6 different looks, my favourites are ‘Noir’ for the dramatic effect and also ‘Girl next door’ which is a little more natural. Either way there’s a lash to suit every girl and every occasion. I also love the fact that these can be worn in excess of 15 times. A small amount of oil on a Cotten bud will clean off the lash glue and these little beauties can be reapplied again and again.


Nemay Beauty also have an amazing product called a fiber lash extender. This is a pretty unbelievable trick for girls like me lacking a lash or two! No fake lashes needed here. Apply your mascara, then recoat your lash with the fiber – it sort of extends your natural lash. You then  reapply mascara. It works an absolute treat creating a fake lash from your real eye lashes!


Last but not least, the range extends into these mink luxury oval beauty brushes! The quality is fantastic. The brush doesn’t shed hair like most of the cheaper ones do. Once again the brushes are cruelty-free and a ‘must’ for the beauty bag!



You can order from Nemay Beauty here and add that extra glamour to any look whether it’s date night or a girly weekend.


So in true A-Listed form, I have to share some of this goodness with a lucky winner! I will be giving away the Nemay oval luxury mink brushes worth £75. To enter all you need to do is FOLLOW Nemay Beauty on INSTAGRAM and drop me a comment below so I can pick a winner! The lucky person will be chosen on Friday 5th August!

Best of luck!