SkinFix: Review

It’s been absolutely ages since I have blogged. I could see this as a bad thing, but in hindsight, my day job is often mad busy and with the kids to deal with after work it’s been almost impossible to steal a moment to write anything up. On the upside, a couple of months back I had been sent through some lovely gifts from Skinfix, like with any skin related products, I think it’s really important to try them for a moderately longer period of time to actually get a feel for the products and of course, cast judgment accordingly. I started using Skinfix around late February and continued to use it till the present day because it’s a fabulous skincare range.

After removing my make-up I lather up the foaming oil cleaner. A little bit goes a long way and you get a good amount of cleaner in the bottle. It’s helpful to use the cleaner with a facebrush if you have one, if not your hands will do the job. Using other oil cleansers I often feel that my skin feels tight and dry, not the case with Skinfix. It’s completely non-drying and leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean.

Next I use either the hydrating lotion or nourishing cream. The hydrating lotion I feel is best for the day, it’s light and absorbs into the skin effortlessly. It’s also great to apply foundation to the face afterwards as it is completely non-greasy. At night, I tend to use the nourishing cream, it’s slightly thicker and comes with a helpful pump action lid which means you don’t have to stick your fingers in to get the cream on your face. Again, the nourishing cream is non-greasy and has totally rid me of dry skin on my forehead. I also love these creams for not having a pungent smell to them, but again it’s personal preference. Some girls like a strong fragrance to the creams they use on their face, I prefer the latter.


Finally I dab a bit of brighteneing eye cream under the eyes. You need a tiny amount and apply this in a circular motion under and around the eyes.

My thoughts; firstly the range is dermotologically tested and recommended but Boots. The products are all reasonably priced  and have surprisingly performed better than other brands I have used that are much more expensive such as Bobbi Brown skincare. I haven’t had any reactions to the creams considering my skin is pretty sensitive and I have noticed a change to my skin, it looks less dull, it’s seriously nourishing and the brigtening eye cream is great for dark circles.  I will definitely be buying Skinfix again once this batch runs out. It’s taken me ages to finally find a range that a genuinely have liked, it’s one that I will be happy to use again!

The range is now available to buy at Boots.

A message to a working Mum

Life is so serious sometimes.  I mean, it can really pull you down.  It’s just gone 9pm and I’m contemplating whether it’s too late for a cup of tea.  Course it is, plus I don’t have the energy to go downstairs and wait for the kettle to boil – oh the dilemma.  I always thought having 2 kids was hard, then I had 3 and then I realised shit just hit the fan! Im 32 years old, by day I’m a child protection frontline social worker, by night, well some nights I’m a fashion/lifestyle blogger.  All the other days in between I’m a full-time Mummy, wife to a good man and owner of a goldfish my son won this summer that’s miraculously still alive.  Are Goldfish from fair’s supposed to live this long? Generally, my job is pretty full on, I see and deal with some awful stuff at work and my only solace is one of those Toffee Latte’s from McDonald’s on my break.

My inquisitive daughter asked me the other night, “Mummy, do you think you’re funny” to which I replied “sometimes” to which she replied “you make me laugh.” We had a moment, in fact, me and Mariyah have a lot of moments and it was at that point, I sort of realised how thankless a woman’s job is.  We are expected to wear all these hats all at the same time.  Be the fantastic Mother, be the career woman, be the good wife, be everything everyone needs you to be.  In the chaos, it’s so easy to forget about yourself.img_5628

Most importantly  and perhaps other working Mother’s would agree, finding or clawing back the time with the kids means the absolute world to me.  If that means breaking the rules every once in a while then why not? The other night instead of doing homework me and the kids scoffed down Papa Johns Pizza and talked absolute nonsense for what felt like hours.  I realised, my 7-year-old son had grown up so much and my 1 year old could now walk and has teeth…when did that happen?  I guess what I’m trying to say, and its so cliché, often the most precious things around us we take for granted.  We all get busy but try to reflect and take time out everyday for the things that are important to you.  Your job and daily worries will always be there but those special moments with your family are priceless.  We all make a conscious effort in our lives to be the best we can be for our kids.  I think its finding a good balance and when you find it, more often than not, you will find a happy medium within yourself and be a better person for it.

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