Cirque Le Soir De-constructed

A-Listed recently attended Cirque Le Soir.  So what to make of Cirque Le Soir and its inhabitants? Its outlandish £500k Frat Party Installation, celebrating its fourth anniversary at its new home on Carnaby Street?

 ‘If you don’t know, don’t worry’ is the motto echoed by the world’s most flamboyant club, so that’s exactly what I did and jumped down the rabbit hole. And boy did I fall into the land of ‘make-believe’


This was a visual feast of extraordinary performers, from dwarfs to giants, contortionists, magicians, fire breathers, burlesque acts, break dancers and death-defying performance acts. Got your attention…?


With London offering some of the best night-life around, Cirque offers an experience scaling from voyeurism to serious child-like fun (AKA Ball-pit go crazy, play 80’s Mario-cart, or have a good-old fashioned pillow fight *real bed included)


The interior is an incredible layout of club meets house, on my travels I crossed a kitchen, living and bed-room all crammed with revellers caught up in the labyrinth of surprise.


Needless to say, the music was off the charts and monster tracks were pounding throughout the performances. Some of the best dub-step kicked off the night followed by old-school 80/90’s R&B. I had an outrageously fun night and can see why this place will leave most folks coming back for more, friends in tow.


So as my night drew to a close, I bid fare-well to the circus, I promised I would return.


Rabbit holes can be addictive - If you don’t know, don’t worry x


For further information please visit

Cirque Le Soir.

  C3 Cirq2 C5


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