Coco’s Liberty SS15 | Jewellery handmade in heaven

Tucked away behind glorious Liberty’s department store, just a short stroll from the mania of Oxford Street (trust me, it is far from the shopping heaven you’ve been led to believe) is the unassuming Detox Kitchen which played host to the launch Spring/Summer launch of new and incredibly exciting jewellery brand Coco’s Liberty.

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Fans of minimalism, this is definitely one for you. Inspired by the powerful women of ancient Egypt such as Nefertiti and Cleopatra, the simple gold-plated pieces make a quiet statement you’ll struggle to ignore; inspired by strong women for strong women.

Despite being so nervous the night before that she made one new pair of earrings and an ear cuff – I know, I wish I was that productive in an evening too – Elina, the designer is all big smiles and confidence: “I can hide it quite well,” she joked.

Coco's-liberty-jewellery-launch (7)'here's one I prepared earlier' – These were made the night before the launch.

Of her jewellery, she said she first played with making her own pieces as a child before foraying into design when she realised nobody was making the jewellery she wanted to wear.

“I’m very interested in minimalistic styles, but with nice details,” she said.

“Originally I’m into very very simplistic jewellery, but then I thought ‘maybe this would look cute with a diamond in’ and that’s how I started thinking I could do a bit more with stones, and for the summer I wanted to bring some colour in.”

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Some of Elina's first forays into stonework, showing the Egyptian influence.

Elina’s style icons are the Rihanna’s of this world: “I like women who do what they want to do and they don’t really care what other people think.”

That’s a hell of a mantra.

Perfect for day-to-night wear all summer long, the handmade dainty designs of Coco’s Liberty should definitely be at the top of your lust lists.

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