Dark Chocolate so good you will be wearing it this Easter


With the excitement of Easter just around the corner, MIMI – 100% natural make it yourself beauty brand – is proud to announce the launch of its limited edition Dark Chocolate Fresh Face Mask, in collaboration with Choc Chick. Perfect as Easter gifts or personal pamper treats, MIMI is the freshest skincare on the market with a quirky difference.

After a few too many chocolate eggs, the indulgence of Easter can lead to the occasional unwanted pimple and self-inflicted chocolate coma. But, applied over your skin as a raw ingredient can do wonders for your skin and with MIMI’s Dark Chocolate Fresh Face Mask, you can still enjoy the upcoming holiday and feel guilt free.

Not only do the beneficial properties in dark chocolate boost your mood, it also cleanses and nourishes the skin, leaving you with perfectly nourished skin, suitable for ALL skin types, no matter how sensitive.

MIMI only uses ingredients that 100% natural, cruelty free, and contain no parabens or preservatives – so your mind is at rest that this chocolate treat isn’t going to leave you with any blemishes or those extra few pounds from your favourite Easter eggs.

What you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it and the newest, limited edition Dark Chocolate Fresh Face Mask from MIMI is naturally high in antioxidants to hydrate, lift, moisturise and tone your skin.

A super-boosting face mask, MIMI’s newest collaboration with Choc Chick is a combination of dark chocolate, powerful minerals, vitamins and essential oils. These help to detoxify and rejuvenate, leaving dry skin feel more nourished and oily skin, less greasy.

Tailor your Dark Chocolate Fresh Face Mask to your skin type and personal preference in just 3 minutes for a unique, luxurious touch your skincare regime – you’ll notice the difference after just one treatment! Each Dark Chocolate Fresh Face Mask kit makes 50ml and comes with all ingredients, recipe, instructions, mixing equipment and storage jar.

Able to personalise your treatment to your exact preferences, you can adjust every ingredient whilst mixing for a unique experience. Not only does MIMI leave you looking and feeling great, you can trust MIMI because you make it yourself.

With MIMI’s Dark Chocolate Fresh Face Mask, you can enjoy chocolate in the most raw, healthy and guilt-free form with the fun and creative DIY element giving you instant results for your skin. You can be a chocolatier yourself this Easter and experiment with MIMI, mixing the treatment yourself to suit your preferences and create your own super luxurious mask. Suitable for ALL skin types including rosacea and available at www.makeitmakeit.com, MIMI puts skincare in your hands.

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