Drink your coffee the Cuban way!

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A-LISTED recently attended the launch of Cubania, a limited edition coffee by Nespresso. The evening was a thoroughly Cuban affair where we were immersed into the love affair of coffee, Cuban style!

Inspired by the warmth of the Cuban way of life and its iconic coffee ritual, Nespresso coffee experts have stretched their mastery of the art of coffee creation to produce Cubanía – a taste of Latin passion.

Coffee is a way of life for Cubans and their extensive global diaspora: a social moment of the day when coffee supersedes conversation and pleasure rules. With Cubanía, Nespresso invites coffee lovers on a sensory journey igniting not only fresh tastes and aroma sensations, but visiting new realms of coffee culture and history.

The way of drinking coffee in Cuba – Cubano-style – is a leisurely ritual that mixes a portion of coffee with cane sugar until it reaches a thick, creamy paste, then combines it with yet more coffee. For many, Cuba represents a different pace of life, and its idiosyncratic coffee ritual is representative of this sensual Latin style: a life in which there is time to socialize, to enjoy one another’s company.

With the Limited Edition Cubanía, Nespresso has broken its own coffee intensity record! Here are some creative ways to unleash the barrista in you, enjoy this lovely new blend.

Nespresso Cubaccino


 1 capsule of Nespresso Cubanía Limited Edition Grand Cru
 Fresh milk

1 spoon of molasses in a capuccino cup
Extract a 40 ml espresso measure of Cubanía Grand Cru on top
Put one teaspoon of banana syrup in the Aeroccino*, pour some milk, and create milk
Take one spoon of aromatised milk froth and put it in the capuccino cup
Finish off with some molasses on the milk froth
*milk frother by Nespresso


Nespresso Smokey Latte



 Fresh milk
 Lapsang Souchong tea
 2 capsules of Nespresso Cubanía Limited Edition Grand Cru

Put one teaspoon of honey
Heat the milk and infuse the tea in it
Extract 2 Cubanía Grand Cru as 40ml espresso measures
Pour the 2 espressos in the glass
Pour the hot milk on top


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