Fashion Talk: Asato Goto


The fashion industry is tough, and making a mark in it I can imagine is a whole lot tougher.  I often do think about how a designer finally gets to that point of success where they are a ‘well known’ brand, can you imagine the gruelling painstaking work finally having paid off, it must be such a euphoric moment for anyone working in the world of fashion. I recently came across a brand that screams simplicity and sophistication – really well put together pieces that I had to share with you.

Funnily enough, it’s the emerging designers and talent that seem to be really pushing the bar and creating beautiful collections and I wanted to pay homage to one of them on A-Listed.

In true Goto Asato spirit of subverting tradition and reinventing the forgotten, the brand’s third collection presents distinct ranges for women that exude bold expressions of confidence, playfulness, and personality channeled through fashion-forward, Japanese essence.

A designer with a rich cultural background, she feels fashion is about engaging our universal selves and expressing one’s true individuality.


Having launched the brand after returning to Tokyo in 2014 from the UK where she was educated through the Paul Smith Scholarship, she has shown one collection per year.

The delicate femininity of the brands third collection are really versatile pieces. The sort of clothing that’s can be dressed up or down.  Bold block colours have been used, whites, blacks and a beautiful signature Japanese red.

Asato Goto’s designs tell a story, the materials used for the collection go as far back as the Sengoku-era (15 – 16th century Japan), when it was used as protection for the samurai warriors – to wrap tightly around the abdomen in order to prevent spillage of the organs when injured on the battlefield.


This is a truly inspired collection and I’m sure we will be hearing more about Asato Goto in 2017.


Photography: ANDO TAKUTO Hair&Makeup: CHIHO HATAE Model: NANA (Friday)

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