Golden delights – the 500 facial

Fancy a 24 carat gold champagne facial? Well this has become reality thanks to le beau ideal. Yes it carries a hefty £500 price tag but ticks all the right boxes when it comes to pure luxury.

The concept was designed by Dr Esho a leading cosmetic doctor at le beau ideal.

“Beauty for me is more than just the embodies so many intangible elements which I try to replicate in each of our treatments…for me each treatment at Le beau ideal is more than just a treatment, it’s an experience which captures these elements all at once”

The facial brought together a devine collaboration between Le beau ideal , IS Cosmecituicals and gout de diamantes champagne to form what is set to be one of the worlds most luxurious facial experiences

The experience..

The 24 carat gold champagne facial experience is an opulent, unique and effective facial for all skin types and embodies the ethos “ not just a treatment, but an experience”

It is designed to smooth, brighten and purify the skin instantly leaving you with long lasting results.

Beautifully completing this is the ultra exclusive gout de diamantes champagne that clients will indulge in before, during and after the facial all within a bespoke luxury setting.

The champagne created by expert connoisseur shammi shinh is full of heritage and tradition cementing itself in champagne history by making the worlds most expensive bottle at 1.8 million.

For the event Mr shinh stated “Gout de diamants and le beau ideal share a passion for sumptuousness and elegance making it the perfect compliment to the 24 carat gold champagne facial experience”

The facial..

The facial begins with an aromatic honey and papaya enzyme mask to cleanse the skin and calm the mind with a warm nurturing sensation.

Next a citrus and rosemary clarifying mud mask is applied to open the pores and gently draw out impurities, and the effervescent citric acid resurfacing mask exfoliates & smooth’s.

The mask is then activated with a copper and botanical refreshing mist that aids in collagen production and treats the skin to the luxurious sensation of champagne like bubbles.

To finish is Le beau 24k gold leaf dust which is blown gentle into the air, settling onto the clients face making them feel truly like a million dollars.

Golden delights - the 500 facial

Golden delights - the 500 facial

Golden delights - the 500 facial

Golden delights - the 500 facial


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