Good vibes from Goodmans

Good vibes from Goodmans

There's nothing like sweet music to your ears – especially when it comes from a 'vintage inspired' radio like this one from the Goodmans Oxford range.

At home, I'm afraid I'm a sucker for those special good looking gadgets, so when I saw this, I could hardly contain my excitement.

There's something so pristine, classy and old school about this radio. It's 1960's charm with a contemporary twist is most definitely a head turner in my kitchen.

The Goodmans Oxford DAB digital radio with Bluetooth features easy to use iconic rotary dials, push buttons and can stream music from any Bluetooth device. I love how this radio combines old vintage 60's chic with the new.

Boasting an extra long battery life if your choose not to plug into the mains, the Oxford takes 6C batteries. The flashy LCD blue display is an eye catcher, plus you can take it about with you easily with the leather carrier strap.

It's pretty simple with this radio, you turn the dial, it scans all the channels and voila! Job done, it's literally that easy. No fine tuning or fussing about pressing buttons to get the frequency you're after.

With both FM and DAB you can get all the channels your after. What's more, you can also connect your MP3 or mobile phone via the 3.5mm line-in socket allowing you to play back from other sources.

The sound is clear and crisp but let's be clear, this doesn't entail heavy bass! This is a quintessentially beautiful little radio which looks adorable sat in your kitchen or lounge. If you like background noise whilst your busy in the kitchen or making yourself useful at home, the Goodmans Oxford is a sound investment (no pun intended).

The Goodmans Oxford radio is available in some gorgeous colours. My favourite has to be the 'sky blue' but there's a colour for every decor including porcelain white, bon bon pink, mustard yellow, berry red and moss green. Available to buy from RRP 69.99

Good vibes from Goodmans




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