Goodbye coconut water, hello melon juice!

Mello 2bottles

I have always loved melon juice, its the most refreshing fruit out there. But no one can disagree, making it at home is messy and time consuming. Having been drinking cocunut water for a while, Mello juice is a great alternative, a perfect natural juice with tons of health benefits.

This fabulous health trend is sweeping a delicious victory when it comes to health benefits, especially at this time of year when most of us are back in the gym and trying to stay more hydrated with the cold weather.

Great tasting and bursting with health and fitness benefits, Mello captures the goodness of a whole melon in every bottle, harnessing this wonder fruit to create a completely unique drink. The next generation of juice brands.

Every drop of Mello is naturally alkaline, low calorie and zero fat. Unapologetically natural, it is rich in essential vitamins and antioxidants, rehydrating, repairing and replenishing as nature intended, with no added sugar, sweeteners, water or preservatives.

As far as the taste it really is as close to juicing at home, very natural. Available in cantaloupe and watermelon, its a winning formula you must try!

To find out more please visit Mello and connect with their wonderful people below.

Available from Ocado, Whole Foods Market, Planet Organic, Harvey Nichols and other independent stores (RRP from 2.49)

Twitter: @MelloMelonJuice



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