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This year we will once again see no shortage of celebrity donning the latest fusion of sports and casual wear. As more of us look for seamless outfits that can doubled up before gym sessions as casual day wear also, here are my top picks on time saving outfits that will make you the envy of all jogging pant wearing folk.

 First up, one of my favourites is Fabletics. We featured their launch last year and they are really going from strength to strength. The collection is superbly bright and bold and canít be pigeon-holed to one type of gym goer style. So whether you are a yogi or a marathon runner, the collection will have something for you. Here are some of my favourite picks.

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Next up, if you havenít heard of then you need to take a look. Ready to get you fighting fit, offer up to 75% off your branded fitness wear. Bust your January blues with a brand new pair of trainers or must-have new running gear, whatever you choose, has a wide range of sportswear for men, women and kids at constantly discounted rates.  


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Lastly one for the fellas. My fella in particular has been on the hunt for sports wear that doesn't make him look like he's in team Tarzan, if you know what I mean. So when I came across Muscle-In, that actually place their whole ethos around 'fitness styled' I was as happy as Jane.

They have a range called MI Skins which is particularly impressive, their range is perfect for every sport enthusiast. So when he next reaches for that protein shake and is about to bore you with some macro or calorific facts, whizz this site before him and silence will be restored! Check them out Muscle-In






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