Have you experienced the ‘Make Pack?’

The Make Pack was born with a simple vision - to create straightforward and fun 'making' experiences. Best friends Celia Newman and Jemma Levinson were tired of eating ready-made and bored of giving shop bought gifts. They knew homemade food tasted better and gifts meant more when they'd made them themselves.
So their Make Packs were designed to Make it easy. They take out the fuss of having to source what you need for a project whilst leaving the authentic making experience in tact. With inspirational ideas, clear instructions, and top quality ingredients, all measured out and ready to use, even the newest of makers can make great things.

So whether you are crafting with the kids, making for mates, looking to learn or getting busy to gift – there’s something for everyone. I tried it with my six year old daughter who is a self proclaimed cup-cake chef! She absolutely loved opening the box and discovering all the ingredients ready to use. She was much more independent knowing it was all there, she simply marched me off to get the eggs!

So if you are pressed for time and need a no hassle bake-fix, then this is really worth a try! They have some wonderful recipes to try from Truffles to Toffee, which are sure to impress anyone you are gifting an afternoon treat to.
For further information please visit The Make Pack

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