Lush time


What’s the only off-putting thing about Lush, it’s a crying shame their products aren’t edible. Recently I was sent some super cute bath bombs and lip scrubs from Lush. Actually finding time to relax and unwind in a bath takes some planning (3 kids plotting from behind a closed bathroom door) – having said that, these bath bombs gave me an excuse to take out an hour of me time.

So what’s so great about Lush bath bombs. Firstly, they look and smell amazing. I have sensitive skin and so having bath products that don’t react with my skin are a massive bonus. ┬áIt can take anything between 2-5 minutes for the bath bomb to dissolve into the water.


I tried the Experimenter Bath Bomb and Rose Jam, equally as fabulous as each other. The only downside, they leave the bath in a bit of a colourful mess. Other than that, it would be a sin not to pop in and try at some of these products, clearly they are called Lush for a reason!


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