Nutritious, Nutty Nibbles from Carpo


Carpo, a visually enticing food emporium in the heart of Piccadilly, is home to an array of authentic nuts, coffee, chocolate and dried fruit, sourced from independent suppliers worldwide (

Unlike any other foodie paradise, Carpo takes its customer on an exciting journey, immersing shoppers in the flavours, scents, sounds and history of the products, providing a complete sensory experience.

Upon entering the store, the rich aroma of brewing coffee beans and the warm roasting of nuts fills the air, tempting customers at every turn. As the summer months are fast approaching and dreamy holiday destinations are at the forefront of oneís mind, sugar-filled treats are not the first snacking choice for many. When the afternoon slump kicks in and we all need an extra energy boost, what healthy, yet tasty, snack can we devour? Well, Carpoprovides the answer with its impressive selection of nutritious, nutty nibbles.

The brandís extensive range stretches from popular favourites such as Almonds, Pistachios and Walnuts to less familiar options such as mouth-watering Macadamias. Choose from impressive, unique flavours including roasted and salted varieties, raw, earthy options and wasabi, or smoked savories for those who wish to tantalise their taste buds. 

While the raw materials are sourced from far and wide, most of the process and production takes place here in store, the nuts are delivered fresh and hot out the oven, straight to the shelf. Carpoís colourful collection of nuts not only provide delicious tastes, but hold many nutritious elements, essential for a healthy, happy body. Choices range from Roasted & Sea-Salted varieties, providing a satisfying salty taste, to Himalayan- Salted options with added health benefits. These salted sensations contain 84 essential minerals, regulate water content within the body and help to maintain blood sugar levels.

A new, scrumptious nutty nibble has been launched in store, the Roasted & Sea-Salted cashew infused with truffle oil. Creamy, rich and oozing with flavour, these tasty delicacies are a perfect grazing choice. 

For optimum health benefits, Carpoís vibrant Energy Mixes are the perfect snacking choice. Whether you are stuck behind a desk all day, on the move, or preparing for an adrenaline fuelled work out, what better way to curb your hunger pangs than with a mixed bag of goodness. Choose from a wide collection of mixed raw nuts with berries, such as the Pinenut Mix, Blueberry Mix, Golden Mix, Seed Mix or even Porridge Mix. Each mix is carefully crafted to include vital nutrients for physical and mental wellness. Crunch, munch or scatter these delicious goodies on your meals to fuel your body with energy.

Forget about the naughty nasties lurking in your desk drawer, pop down to Carpo and pick up a bespoke bag of nourishing, wholesome nuts. All varieties are full of flavour, health-benefits and are also, incredibly filling. For those who are focused on their health, or those who are simply wishing to try new and enjoyable flavours, Carpoís nuts are sure to satisfy all cravings with a crunch!




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