Perfect presents from Brora

For her



Cashmere harem trousers, Cashmere zip hoody, Mohair Icelandic jumper, Cashmere Nordic pompom beanie 


For him 




Cashmere Norwegian Jumper, Cashmere fingerless Fair Isle gloves, Cashmere stripy socks, Liberty print boxer shorts 


For children




Cashmere hand knit stripe jumper, Cashmere stripy hoody, Cashmere fox mittens, Cashmere camouflage hat


For baby



We adore Brora!,  its one of Britain's best-loved and most successful modern cashmere brands. Since its beginning in 1993 Brora has steadily grown into a full-fledged fashion label with its own distinctive viewpoint – wearable, subtle but highly individual, and mainly British-made. Scottish cashmere is still at Brora's heart, but every season the founder, sole owner, and creative director Victoria Stapleton creates an ever-growing range of clothing to build a complete wardrobe using only the finest fabrics, such as tweed, silk, and wool.  Visit Brora



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