Sensitive skin?

My skin has always been sensitive. Harsh chemicals leave it dry and the cold weather doesn’t help one bit. I find it surprising how so many products claim to be natural but in fact contain a cocktail of preservatives, colouring and fragrances.

I got to the stage of literally just washing my face and avoiding products all together – not something I would recommend by the way. Recently, I tried Melvita Apicosma Soothing Cream – so why was this cream different to all the rest of them? Well, Apicosma Soothing Cream harnesses the same flash-sterilizing technology as used in UHT milk and an innovative hermetically sealed pack, prolonging the life of the patented product with no need for added chemical preservatives.

Not only is it leading the in sensitive formulations but it’s also completely free from preservatives. Brilliant news for sensitive skin types.

So how did it fair? I used this cream during the time my skin felt particularly tight and sensitive – why not strike while the irons hot I say. The cream is really light, completely not greasy. It sort of soaks in to your skin and you don’t need to much, literally just a small amount to massage into the skin. There is no stinging sensation and the smell of the cream in strangely sweet.

Within moments my skin feels moisturised. Not only is Melvita Apicosma long lasting, it absolutely eradicated dry patches and restored me faith in moisturising creams again. I would highly recommend trying this – at last, I have found my genuine ‘sensitive skin saviour’.

Melvita is exclusively available to buy online at

Sensitive skin?


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