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It’s been absolutely ages since I have blogged. I could see this as a bad thing, but in hindsight, my day job is often mad busy and with the kids to deal with after work it’s been almost impossible to steal a moment to write anything up. On the upside, a couple of months back I had been sent through some lovely gifts from Skinfix, like with any skin related products, I think it’s really important to try them for a moderately longer period of time to actually get a feel for the products and of course, cast judgment accordingly. I started using Skinfix around late February and continued to use it till the present day because it’s a fabulous skincare range.

After removing my make-up I lather up the foaming oil cleaner. A little bit goes a long way and you get a good amount of cleaner in the bottle. It’s helpful to use the cleaner with a facebrush if you have one, if not your hands will do the job. Using other oil cleansers I often feel that my skin feels tight and dry, not the case with Skinfix. It’s completely non-drying and leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean.

Next I use either the hydrating lotion or nourishing cream. The hydrating lotion I feel is best for the day, it’s light and absorbs into the skin effortlessly. It’s also great to apply foundation to the face afterwards as it is completely non-greasy. At night, I tend to use the nourishing cream, it’s slightly thicker and comes with a helpful pump action lid which means you don’t have to stick your fingers in to get the cream on your face. Again, the nourishing cream is non-greasy and has totally rid me of dry skin on my forehead. I also love these creams for not having a pungent smell to them, but again it’s personal preference. Some girls like a strong fragrance to the creams they use on their face, I prefer the latter.


Finally I dab a bit of brighteneing eye cream under the eyes. You need a tiny amount and apply this in a circular motion under and around the eyes.

My thoughts; firstly the range is dermotologically tested and recommended but Boots. The products are all reasonably priced  and have surprisingly performed better than other brands I have used that are much more expensive such as Bobbi Brown skincare. I haven’t had any reactions to the creams considering my skin is pretty sensitive and I have noticed a change to my skin, it looks less dull, it’s seriously nourishing and the brigtening eye cream is great for dark circles.  I will definitely be buying Skinfix again once this batch runs out. It’s taken me ages to finally find a range that a genuinely have liked, it’s one that I will be happy to use again!

The range is now available to buy at Boots.

*This is not a paid for feature. My opinions are a genuine reflection of the product mentioned and a true review of the experience I have had using this beauty range .

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