#SymmetryStreet Runway + Kavita (shewearsfashion) interview!


On Saturday I went to see the  Otterbox #SymmetryStreet Runway Show, thanks to A-Listed, at the Spitafield Market, in collaboration with  Tiffany Watson (from Made in Chelsea) and Kavita (from shewearsfashion) who I had the pleasure to meet and even to interview!


As this year is the 50th anniversary of StreetStyle, Otterbox hosted a Fashion weekend to celebrate it and this weekend, 5 British Designers showcased their collections.

 The winner was Naomi Hatherley,

#SymmetryStreet Runway + Kavita (shewearsfashion) interview!

#SymmetryStreet Runway + Kavita (shewearsfashion) interview! #SymmetryStreet Runway + Kavita (shewearsfashion) interview!


They gave us a goodie bag with,

  • Vita Coco (natural coconut water) & Vita Coco (coconut oil),

#SymmetryStreet Runway + Kavita (shewearsfashion) interview!#SymmetryStreet Runway + Kavita (shewearsfashion) interview!


  • My Symmetry iPhone 6 cover (I can't actually wait to upgrade my phone and use it!) & Lip Moisturizer,


#SymmetryStreet Runway + Kavita (shewearsfashion) interview!#SymmetryStreet Runway + Kavita (shewearsfashion) interview!


As they were showing a catwalk every hour, in between, I approached Kavita, an incredible fashion blogger who is such a big inspiration for me (I can't even explain you how extremely lovely she was!), I knew she was going to attend, so I prepared myself a few questions just in case, glad I did so! because she happily let me interview her, here is what she said,

  • What inspired you to start a blog?

She explained me that she started at 16, she didn't have friends and was bullied back then (I really hope that all those bullies can see how successful she is now, and this is for any of you to know that no one should stop you to be the person you want to be!) so she decided to start b/vlogging.

  • Which tip would you give to other bloggers?

"To be yourself and always nice to people no matter how far you arrive".

  • Where do you tend to buy your clothes?

"Normally online, I love Bershka & Stradivarius" ( I was really surprise when she mentioned Stradivarius as you can't find them in UK, but she explained me that she worked there for two years while she was living in Barcelona, I forgot to ask her if she speaks Spanish tho… 🙁  ).

  • When it comes to fashion, who's your icon?

"Rihana" (she actually meet her, as she won a River Island competition, you can check all about it on her youtube Channel).

  • What's the one wardrobe essential you can't live without?

"My Chanel bag".

  • When you can't think of anything to wear, what's your go to outfit?

"A Jumpsuit"

  • Do you have any fashion rules?

"Be confortable, you won't be able to be confident in what you're wearing if you don't feel confortable" (I couldn't agree more!).

#SymmetryStreet Runway + Kavita (shewearsfashion) interview!

Happy Monday Beauties!


BarbieBarbara Garcia is an A-LISTED Blogger: "I am a makeup, fashion and beauty in general blogger from Spain, resident in London since 2010. I've been thinking of sharing my passion through a blog from a long time and finally that day has arrived. Please join me on this new chapter of my life: The Blogger!



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