The Little Pink Berry that every girl needs to know about!

L'Or Rose Firming Oil

For Melvita, beauty is more than skin-deep. We couldn't agree more and having discovered this well known trusted brand leading the way in organic beauty, their products are are always on our rave list.

The L’Or Rose slimming oil is truly unique. It combines effective action with pleasure of use in a divine massage ritual that visibly reduces the appearance of cellulite. Skin is toned, smoother and firmer. The four oils combined in this formula do more than just tone: they moisturise, nourish, enhance skin’s beauty, and envelop it in a delicate, sparkling scent.

This slimming oil is so exquisite in tackling the appearance of cellulite, a daily routine will no longer feel like a daily chore. It nourishes, hydrates, has a delicate scent and an incredibly soft, dry-oil feel. For best results, apply L’Or Rose twice daily, massaging into the skin with circular motions, starting at the lower thighs and working up to the hips. Alternatively, use the undeniably effective pinch-and-roll technique. And because the oil has a non-oily texture, you can get dressed soon after application.

Melvita has also added oils with complementary properties.

• Sea buckthorn seed and pulp oil: not only does this oil have a detoxifying action, which breaks up the triglycerides stored in adipocytes; it is also rich in Vitamin E and beta-carotene, for softer, supple skin.

• Black pepper oil: known for stimulating blood circulation, it promotes the breakdown of  adipocytes.

• Rosehip oil: particularly rich in alpha-linolenic acid, it revitalizes the skin and improves elasticity. Perfectly moisturized, skin is firm and elastic.

What are Pink Berries of la Reunion?  

The Pink Berry tree can grow up to 15 metres. Its leaves are evergreen and aromatic (peppered smell) and its flowers grow in clusters. The fruits are harvested in summer and are often referred to as “fake pepper”. The Pink Berry tree is widely grown as an ornamental plant in South America for its foliage and fruit. It is considered as a melliferous flower.

What are their properties when used in beauty products?

Pink berries are used in fragrance perfumery to add a peppery note.

What are the ‘powerful organic actives’ in the formula exactly?

The combination of pink berries/sea Buckthorn and black pepper is the organic complex that helps to fight lipogenesis and boosts lipolysis.

Armed with all this super berry knowledge, all you have to do is pack a bottle for your summer holidays!

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