The new dawn of shopping

Market gear has moved up a notch. Around 20 years ago I remember my Dad working on the market, in the midst of a bustling crowd I trawled through rails and rails of mid length skirts, lycra trousers in every shade, blouses and knitwear in abundance.

As the years ticked by, trade slowed down. The high street emerged and taking with it, the customers that once were regulars at the market stalls. Today an awful lot has changed. Online shopping has taken a huge slice of the fashion industry by storm and bringing with it a retail experience, all from the comfort of your own home.

The question I raise is about quality. I have expensive bags and clothing from designers – we live in a world where designers like Chanel, Vivienne Westwood, Tom Ford and so many others lead the way in creating future style and trends.

On the rise also we see ‘fast fashion’ brands like Boohoo, Select, Missguided. Fashion churned out to the masses, the same coat, in a multitude of different colours in every size imaginable. Where is fashion taking us?

Last week I walked around Manchester and saw practically the same coat worn by at least four different girls, all relatively the same age. What’s happened to individual style? Have our minds been infiltrated by the mass online fashion retailers flogging £5.99 T-Shirts because it’s a cheap buy?

Let’s be honest, unless you purchase your own cloth and take up sewing lessons, the chances of wearing clothing that no one else does is highly unlikely. I love the fact that you can go to vintage charity shops and buy some beautiful preloved bits that look equally fabulous.

On the other hand, high street shops like Topshop, French Connection, Warehouse can charge extortionate amounts for clothing that to be honest is pretty dire. Today’s consumer is overburdened with choice and to be quite honest, I’m finding it harder and harder to find ‘time’ to shop.

I recently discovered a pretty awesome company for men (unfortunate for me) called Enclothed. It sounds simple – you pay a monthly subscription fee, they send out a range of ‘on trend’ clothes matching your personal specification straight to your door. I’m pretty shocked in all honesty – why isn’t this available for the female shopper…please enlighten me!

Shopping for clothes shouldn’t be a chore, but for working women, women with kids and generally women with zero time, looking good is tough business.

Another website that has made life easier is Shopstyle and here’s why it’s brilliant. It gathers several different brands together all in one place, thus making life easier for you when it comes to shopping.

Here’s to the next 50 years of retail therapy. It will be interesting to see how we change the way we shop again…perhaps a virtual dressing room beamed into your living room…anything is possible right?

The new dawn of shopping


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