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Image of SharonThe new Freida’s Feeding Food, from family health food firm Freida’s Pantry, is the first functional food bar designed to meet the needs of busy new mums. The bar was created by British mum-of-three Sharon Kaur who based it on a traditional family recipe, used by Eastern women for hundreds of years to breastfeed and recover from giving birth. 

Frieda's Feeding Food is a nut and seed-based bar, rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 which are good fats for both babies and new mums. Each serving is also packed with ‘galactalogues’ which are ingredients that may help boost milk supply. We caught up Sharon to find out more about the woman behind  – the UK’s first breastfeeding bar!




Tell us what makes ‘Freida’s Feeding Food’ so unique?

 Freida's Feeding Food is the first all-natural food bar designed for breastfeeding mums and women recovering in the postnatal period. Avoiding nasty additives and preservatives Freida’s Feeding Food is the first product on the market made from wholesome ingredients to help mums produce more milk when breastfeeding and enhance their energy levels. The bar is extra special as it’s based on a recipe that has been used for generations in India, but adapted for Western tastes. It’s lovely to think that mums across the globe are helping each other; after all we all want the best for our babies.


How did you go about turning your idea into reality?

 The idea for the business came just after the birth of my second child, when friends who had never seen the recipe before commented on how well I looked. I let a few of them try it, they loved it and I started to get people asking me to make it for them. When the orders kept coming in I decided to try to produce it on a bigger scale, and to get to the launch stage commercially it has taken almost two years. I spent the first year refining the product with the help of nutritionist, Sarah Noyce, who is now a member of our team. We worked so hard to ensure the bars had the right nutritional mix and still remained tasty. The next task was to find a manufacturer with our high standards who could ethically source the ingredients, as our resources are very important to me. Next up was developing the brand image and website with a creative team, before finally launching this year. It’s taken far longer than having an actual baby!


Walk us through a typical day

 I have learned that when you’re running your own business, there is no such thing as a typical day. I could be working on a new product with our manufacturer, talking to mums at a breastfeeding clinic on how it’s helping them, working on the website or packing boxes to send out the orders. It’s very busy but I love getting the feedback and seeing how people warm to the brand.


Three most valuable lessons you have learned from your business?

 If you have a great idea, give it a go, you don’t want to think later down the line ‘what if’? With that being said, research your market and make sure there’s demand. Don’t throw your money away. Make a product or run a business you are passionate about, as that will carry you through any tough times.



Breast feeding has always been a topic of much debate, how can Freida’s bars help?

 One of the main topics of debate is whether a mother should breastfeed or not. Research has shown that breastfeeding provides a number of benefits for both baby and mum, however some mums struggle to produce enough milk. Freida's Feeding Food bars contain a number of ingredients which are referred to as galactalogues – these are foods which may help with milk production. We use fennel in the bar which is also great for digestive problems and may help with colic when passed through the mother’s milk. The bars are also packed full of good fats and will help with the additional 500 calories a day that nursing mums need – but as they are rich in protein they will also fill you up and prevent you snacking on junk food.


Will you be introducing other flavours to the range?

Yes definitely we have new flavours and new products in the pipeline very soon.


Where can we buy them from?

Currently they are available to purchase online at We are in talks with three major retailers at the moment so watch this space to see where we will be available later in the year.


If you were not making Freida’s Bars you would be?

I have always been entrepreneurial so I think I would be involved in some other business, but I can’t think of one I’d enjoy more than this!


Two lessons for every entrepreneur would be?

Have conviction in your product and stand by it. If you have a good idea and you have done your background research you should stand by that belief and go for it! There will always be challenges but there is nothing worse than not pursuing your idea only to find someone else has!

 Be prepared to work very hard! Running your own business requires you to be extremely motivated and a self-starter, in the early stages it can mean working 7 days a week at all hours of the day, and may also mean working alongside your day job. This requires tenacity and determination so be prepared for a hard yet rewarding journey.


For more information, visit, follow on Twitter @FreidasPantry


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  1. February 6, 2015 / 12:32 pm

    I had some of these bars to try and review too. I loved them – they are really yummy and take up so little space in the changing bag that I get less distracted by the cakes and biscuits in the shops while I’m out and about which is good for my waistline while still making sure there are enough calories floating around to feed baby.

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