Top 3 health snacks you have to TRY!

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Being in February is always a crucial time to go over those health resolutions we committed ourselves to in January…remember those? Well February is when you have to bring the big guns out as this is when most of us will fall, me most probably head first into a box of chocolates pre-valentines. So I went on a hunt to curbs the carbs and find the best alternatives to keep my healthy eating habits firmly in place. Here are 3 products I absolutely cannot live without. 

One Bar to rule them all…


I came across Quest Bars on one of my earlier trips to the US a few years ago. Since then they have built up an amazing reputation of being the best protein bar on the market. Sugar, for instance, doesn't even exist at their facility. The only sugar in their bars comes from things like the nuts and freeze-dried fruit. Every sweet, mouth-watering bite of a Quest Bar is the result of painstaking trial and error to discover ingredients that promote a healthy lifestyle. Their bars are nutritionally clean and well balanced which makes them my number one choice for a high protein snack. So if you haven’t tried these guys, I highly recommend you do. They have an insane choice of flavours that you can choose from!

You can buy from Amazon and check out their official site here Quest


The humble packet of Crisps…

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The humble packet of Crisps…


We all love a packet of crisps, who doesn’t? But our love affair has cost us dearly over the years with high salt and fat content, but someone is doing something about it…

Scrubbys is revolutionising the country’s crisp category by creating a healthier version of this favourite British snack. Good, honest and fresh root vegetables are sliced, skin on, and then gently cooked at a low temperature to retain the shape, colour, texture, goodness and taste of the original veg. The range has no artificial colourings or flavourings and is gluten free, vegetarian, vegan friendly and contains at least 30% less fat and 18% less calories than other standard fried vegetable crisps.

Scrubbys are available in two unique varieties, a four vegetable mix of Beetroot, Sweet Potato, Parsnip & Carrot crisps with Sea Salt and full-flavoured Parsnip Crisps with Chilli & Lime Zing. They are absolutely addictive, buy them, hide them and enjoy…guilt free!

To find out more please visit Scrubbys


Balls that will make you bounce…




There are a ton of health bars on the market but meet the first energy ball! Bounce Energy Balls caught my eye recently as they boast the highest quality ingredients. So I checked them out and found that they really are packed with superfoods. Don’t be surprised by the deceptively compact size, I was happily full with one and I didn't get that bloated feeling like you do with some protein snack. The most fabulous thing about these wonder balls was the taste; in 6 mouth-watering combinations all had the wow factor, gluten and trans-fat free heaven. Try the Apple & Cinnamon, by far the yummiest. 

To find out more please visit Bounce Energy Balls



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