Top 4: Do cheaper foundations work


Buying foundations are an expensive necessity.  Yes, you’re looking for coverage but also product which soaks seamlessly into the skin –  honestly, I have witnessed girls with what I believe I have coined ‘grey face’ and it’s not attractive.  If you have beautiful flawless skin than great but I still feel like a little bit of foundation can give an all round even complexion, even for those with perfect skin.

I have tried expensive foundations in the past, Bobbi Brown and Chanel are amongst my firm favourites.  However I often wondered whether high street ‘foundations’ do the same job and so over the past 6 months purchased just a few for good measure.  My fear was using a cheaper foundation could cause an outbreak on my skin and perhaps the coverage wouldn’t be as good as the more expensive ones.  Funnily enough, I found quite the opposite.  I now regularly use some of the foundations I have picked out for you below.  These foundations give really good coverage and last pretty much all day.  I should add that I do apply some Bobbi Brown press powder slightly over the top to just set the foundation in place.  For dark and Asian skin tones these are definitely worth investing in.  Below are my top 4!

1.Loreal Infallible Sculpt in shade 03 medium mate





Excellent foundation, costs the fraction of the price for most designer foundations.  Brilliant coverage and a bottle has lasted me around 2 months.  You only need a tiny bit.  This has to take my number one spot! You can purchase this from Boots but it’s also available from




2. Maybelline New York Fit Me 120


Brilliant foundation, so perfect I have purchased this three times.  It leaves a Luminous smooth glow and sort of rivals Bobbi Brown’s Lumious foundation.  Great purchase and available from here.

3. Maybelline New York Dream Flawless Nude 30


This foundation was difficult to use because of the wand, which ironically was supposed to make it easier.  The product is good but not fantastic.  It does the job but I found towards the end of the day was that it wore off quite quickly compared to the other two above.  Nevertheless, a good foundation and worth the purchase.  It’s available from Superdrug if you want to give it a try.

4.  Rimmel Wake me up 100 ivory


Ok, so this foundation just about made the top 4.  It’s supposed to be skin brightening but in all honesty the consistency was a bit thick.  It sort of sits on the skin instead of covering it if that makes any sense.  The pump on top looks a bit cheap often stopping the foundation from squirting out properly (either that or I picked up a dodgy bottle).  Having said that, this is a budget foundation and I suppose it does do the job.  Haven’t ever really been a huge fan of Rimmel, but this foundation is Ok to use if you need a quick cover up.

You can purchase this from Boots.

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