Fragrance Fun

If there isn't already a million beautiful smelling perfumes out there, The Selfridges Fragrance Lab as part of the #beautyproject are allowing you to discover your very 'own' signature scent.

There's something so exquisite about having your own scent and the whole process of finding out which scent your are is equally enjoyable.

You will be presented with a touch screen multiple choice style questionnaire – the process of fragrance selection is pretty simple. All you have to do is answer a few questions and pick instinctively from pictures on the screen that you are most drawn to and 'voila' as if by magic you are given a number.

The number correlates with your perfect signature scent.

So what was mine?

I was number 247, I felt that this one was very androgynous and strong classic smell. Also as part of the Fragrance Lab experience you will be given a low-down on how your scent matches your personality. Funnily enough mine was spot on but your mood can also change the scent selected for you!

Fragrance Lab is certainly worth a visit – check it out

5 Jun 2014

5 Jun 2014

5 Jun 2014


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