A-L’s Big Mouth – The review

As someone that suffers with dry skin it's not always easy to find a moisturiser that combines luxury with effective results, I've found that most moisturisers are perfumed and aggrivate my skin more than soothe it. 

But thankfully the range from A Passion for Natural combines complex ingredients including the highest grade of Aloe and natural Betaine to create the perfect product for revitalising skin and give relief for problem areas. Their products allocate all lifestyles, whether you want the Aloe Vera gel as a post-shower moisturiser or the Moisturising Mist for a quick fix after the gym to keep you hydrated they have a great range. Starting from around 8 you can pick up your fix from Boots.

I noticed a huge difference after just a few days of using the product, since the weather has become colder I found that my old friend eczema decided to make it's yearly appearance. The gel has a typical Aloe Vera smell, it soaked quickly into my skin once applied and didn't feel sticky. The mist was also great for quick application before heading out into the cold. 

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