A heeled affair



We all know the love affair between women and heels, they are a statement piece of a womanís wardrobe. So Iím here to help you find the ones on trend and hot off the press.

Salvatore Ferragamo, Talia quilted peep toe, it comes with a 4Ē heel, and I love this patterned shoe. This is a shoe more for the quirky art girl, who takes inspiration from Carrie Bradshaw. They come in sizes 35-43 and they are currently priced at £455.00, they also come in a burgundy colour too. You can buy their shoes on their official website or at Harrods in London.

Carvela Kurt Geiger, the Grenadine studded court, it comes with a 3Ē heel, this ones for the tamer girl. It may not be a killer heel but its still sexy and sophisticated all the same, they come in size 35-43, and they also come in Silver, White and Black. They are priced at £65, so they are for if you donít have a huge budget, you can buy these shoes in their own store or online.



Christian Louboutin, Pigalle patent leather sexy icon shoe, comes with a 4Ē heel what power woman doesnít love a statement shoe? They come in sizes 34 Ė 42 and they also come in the colour nude, how sexy, especially with red sole on the bottom. They are priced at £395.00, you can buy these at the Louboutin store in London or on their official website.


Giuseppe Zanotti, the Heidi patent pump, it comes with a 4.5Ē heel and of course itís in a statement red. Who doesnít want to feel like Dorothy in Oz, those magic shoes and course theyíre made in Italy. They come in sizes 35-43 and they are currently priced at £405.00, you can purchase these at Harrods in London or online.

Saint Laurent, Janis Studded pump, it comes with a 5Ē heel, the house of Laurent never fail when it comes to a killer shoe. Iíve picked out this shoe for the girl who wants to release her inner rock chick; the shoes come in sizes 35-43. They are priced at £515.00 and you can buy them on their official website or at Harrods London.

I hope you love these heels as much as I do, of course Iíve stayed with bold colours like black, white and red. When it comes to a shoe you canít beat the basic colour and they will always remain stylish but of course Patent Leather is the big trend at the moment. Thatís why at least two of the shoes I picked out were patent leather, you canít go anywhere without seem them in designers new collections. Hopefully Iíve enticed you into buying a new pair of shoes, if not add them to your Christmas wish list.





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