A-L Girl Real Talk…

A-L Girl Talk

Yesterday while I uninterestingly skipped through the copious channels on my sky box, many times may I add. The flickering of my i phone prompted me to check the time and it was only then I realised that the early hours of the morning were once more upon me.

Hauling myself out of the comfort of my bed, I clearly just about had the energy to wash my face. Waterproof mascara is a 'bitch' I recall saying. I don't use a fancy face wash or an expensive night cream. A hot water flannel does the trick. Before you consider lynching me, here's a few things the 21st women needs to know about herself.

It's ok to be tired. It's ok to feel like a bus has ran over you, twice! We are not plastic, our skin and our hair is 'allowed' to look terrible once in a while. The female species really is extraordinary.

We are masters of deception and make-up is usually our weapon of choice. What we need to get to grips with is this. The glamorous you is equally beautiful wearing pyjamas and sipping a cup of tea on a lazy Sunday.

Those skinny models airbrushed to perfection, with their silky healthy hair and flawless faces are a figment of imagination. They are also prone to get huge zits, complain about a fat bum and wish their breasts were bigger or perhaps smaller.

You define the aspirations of a young generation of women and girls. Let them grow up strong, independent and far from the fickle female media stereotypes of today.

Women work, look after children, run a family home, pay bills and somehow maintain a social life – somewhere in that chaos they may even manage a partner and all the headache attached to that!

There's no one in the world that can do what you do. Your strong, powerful and beautiful – with or without that extra hardened slobbering of foundation you sometimes need on your face.

So, next time you gaze in the mirror and can't believe how awful you 'think' you look. Remember, your a real living, breathing person. Your 'off' days are an indication of how damn hard you work. Tie your hair back, brace the world with a smile. You will always feel better for it.


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