Are you a Protein Princess?


62% increase in women working out between 4 – 5 times a week 57% of female regular gym-goers now take protein supplements

Women take protein shakes to emulate fit celebs like Miranda Kerr and Kim Kardashian

24 is the average age of these new ‘Protein Princesses’

The rise of healthy female role models such as Miranda Kerr, Kelly Brook and Kim Kardashian has sparked a huge increase in the numbers of women who now workout.

 A survey of over 2,000 people who workout regularly, has shown a 62% increase in the number of women working out over the last 12 months. While still an interest dominated by men, the proportion of women amongst this group of serious gym-goers rose significantly, from 9% to 14.6%.

 The study, conducted by Bodybuilding Warehouse, also revealed that women are increasingly using supplements, such as protein shakes, to maximise the effectiveness of their workout.

 These ‘Protein Princesses’ work out between four and five times a week and are typically in their mid-20s, with an average age of 24.

 Unlike men, their main motivations aren't to build muscle, but to burn fat and get the toned and lean bodies typified by our female stars. Other motivators include the rise of celebrity-endorsed fitness supplements and the surge in popularity of so-called ‘fitspiration’ images on social media websites, with celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kelly Brook, Miranda Kerr and Millie Mackintosh regularly snapping themselves mid-workout in skimpy gym gear.

 The poll, which had 2,312 recipients in total, revealed that the most popular supplements women take are whey-protein products such as protein shakes, on-the-go protein snacks and vitamin and mineral supplements. It also revealed that the biggest pull factor when it comes to selecting a brand is the product’s taste and flavour.

 Managing director of Bodybuilding Warehouse, Kieran Fisher said of the study, “I’m pleasantly surprised by the results of this study. The rise in women working out up to five times a week and complementing their work-outs and healthy eating regimes with protein supplements, could well be down to the increase in celebrities posting results of their fitness regimes on social media and the rise of celebrities now spotted with protein shakes in their hands.

 “The wide variety of new snack protein products such as protein coffee and muffins now available, means that getting much needed protein into an everyday diet is fun and even easier. I’m thrilled that more women are getting active and enjoying the many benefits of exercise and healthy living.”

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