Bath bomb-tastic

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Who doesn't love a good soak in the bath right?  Add extra excitement to your bathing ritual with this fabulous range of bath bombs from 'Bomb cosmetics'.  We tested out a selection of these fun, soothing and incredibly inspired bath bombs.  

First of all, they look good enough to eat (but we wouldn't really advise that). Watching your beautifully handmade Bath Brulee or Cocoa Swirl pop and fizzle away into oblivion is a bitter sweet experience, however, the aftermath is the fun bit!  

The smell and these little bath bombs produce are simply divine but here's the best bit. Bomb cosmetics use all natural skin loving ingredients including shea butter, essential oils, cocoa butter just to name a few.  So that means your skin is packed with goodness leaving it smooth nourished and moisturised straight after your soak (that is if you find the will to get out of it).  

Turn your bathing bliss into an even more relaxing affair and check out Bath Bombs range of scented candles.  To be honest, these go hand-in-hand. From fresh glass candles, quintessential tea-cups, rustic paint pots and dainty tins.  Bomb cosmetic candles are all hand-poured oozing with essential oils and come in a pretty amazing array of fragrances including Queen of Lemon Tarts, Scones & Cream and Blueberry Sundae…

You can check out some of the scrumptious Bath Bombs and Candles plus lots more at Bomb Cosmetics. A-l ladies, let's make bath time an even more enjoyable experience! 

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