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How many times have you needed a second opinion on an outfit?  Let's face it, our girlfreinds can't always be there to give that crucial vote on whether you buy or ditch that skirt you have been umming and arring about for what seemed like an eternity.

It's comforting to know that there we have some pretty amazing personal shoppers available at our beckon call to seal the fate of your next 'must have' fashion find! We spoke to Harvey Nichols Mya Elagrice about her flourishing career as a Personal Shopper for one of the most luxury department stores in the world.

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Tell us about what your job entails as a personal shopper?

It’s certainly never dull being a Personal Shopper. We’re helping to define our client’s style, so it’ very varied every day as to whether you’re dressing an outfit from head to toe or just providing the finishing touches. A day at the beach or an evening at the BAFTAs, you don’t get more of an exciting challenge than that.

What type of personality do you think makes for a great personal shopper?

A natural eye for style obviously helps, but it’s more about the understanding of fashion and your clients. You need to have a natural rapport, to be able to listen to what your client is looking for and going beyond to find what suits them.

Tell us about the perfect personal shopping experience at Harvey Nichols? What can shoppers look forward to?

Harvey Nichols Manchester remains as the destination of choice for the ultimate Personal Shopping experience. We’re at the forefront of fashion every day, so our knowledge is second to none when it comes to the seasonal trends and new brands to watch. With one-on-one consultations in our private

personal shopping suite, we can provide advice on a seasonal wardrobe update, as well as a more customised service for special occasions such as an upcoming wedding, or simply which jeans will fit you like a glove, and we all need them!

How can you be sure your customer is genuinely happy with outfit you have picked for him/her?

Our client recommendations and those who regularly utilise our service again and again, if we’re seeing our clients come back happy, we know we’re doing it right.

Are there any celebrities you have dressed up that you could share with us?

Yes, plenty! We’re in close proximity to the Phone 4U Arena and our store is located within one of the largest sporting cities in our country, but client confidentiality is very important to us.

Do you need a huge budget to seek the help of a personal shopper or is it a service open to anyone?

Absolutely not! Our portfolio of brands available instore or via Click + Collect allows our customers to shop at any price point; Finders Keepers and Maison Scotch to IRO and Gucci, and from £20 - £2000.

And it isn’t limited to our Fashion and Accessories, we can simply provide a bit of inspiration for the perfect gift, or help select the finest food and wine from our Second Floor, and it’s completely complimentary!

What are the perks of your job?

I’m very fortunate to work as a Personal Shopper at Harvey Nichols Manchester, but most of the time it feels like you’re shopping for your closest friends and that’s definitely the biggest perk, who wouldn’t love that!

As a personal shopper do you have specific designers you particularly like to incorporate in to your outfit?

My go-to-designer is always Isabel Marant, her shoes are so chic and my work attire wouldn’t be complete without them, I need to look my best for my clients at all times and that means wearing her heels!

If you could dress any A-List celebrity, who would it be and why?

It might seem an odd choice, but for me it would be Anna Wintour, she's recognised as such an icon by the who's who's of the fashion elite so imagine what an insightful afternoon that would be. Her style is always very polished but I'd definitely try to tempt her away from her trusty nude shoes.

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