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Timeless, elegant and rendering sweet whispers of a forgotten era. Vintage fashion has evoked the collaboration of the old and with the new and this is something that up and coming Designer Sarah Kristiansen, founder of BettiJock firmly believes in.  A-listed asked Sarah about her love for vintage and how the BettiJock brand will lend itself to the diverse world of fashion in the future.


Where did you love for vintage fashion come from?

For my first day of high school, I wore a pair of white Versace jeans, with multi-colour zebra’s on. Looking back, I had not a care in the world what people would think and always wore what I liked. I think it was just a natural love for me but it became more focused when my mother brought home second hand clothing from a charity shop she worked in. I would cut them up and redesign them for myself.


What is it that you adore about vintage clothing?

Today, every item of clothing has been influenced by past trends and I think it is more difficult these days to ‘invent’ new clothing. I love Vintage because they are the original inspiration for modern clothing. The fabrics and cuts were of much higher quality back then and it’s just really hard to find unique items when you have such a vast, mass-produced clothing industry like it is today.


How have you incorporated vintage fashion with BettiJock to make it more current?

I actually don’t want to look ‘out of date’. I’m not into a particular era or using models that look like they stepped out of a time machine. That has always been a big point for me. So when I thought of starting an online vintage shop, I really wanted to apply it to current trends. I believe mixing vintage with a current wardrobe, that way you will have a really unique look and are also trend appropriate. I wanted to brand the web shop as a modern label with one of-a-kind clothing, rather than a vintage shop.


Where have your influences come from?

I have been to countless catwalk shows to see what the next seasonal trend will be and I read a lot about seasonal fashion forecasts. Of course, this influences me to seek out specific looks from vintage fashion but it’s also an inspiring process to see ideas come to life.

 I think social media is also very influential.  You just need to open pinterest or Facebook to see very talented people from around the globe which is great inspiration for fashion imagery.



Tell me about life in South Africa and now in Denmark. You have been all over the world, what will your clothes label Bettijock bring to the fashion industry and A-L readers?

You can’t help but be influenced by your past and I know there is a lot of fabrics and prints that I love because of the travelling I have done. Now, living in Denmark, I see my clothing style as tailored cuts and neutral colours. South Africa and Scandinavia are completely different influential .

I feel like I have been drawn to the vibrancy and uniqueness of South Africa with the freedom and stability of Denmark. The world of fashion is all about adaptation and this is what BettiJock offers, a brand based on my experiences of the world.


You’re a mother and working incredibly hard on BettiJock.  How has this been for you?

Hard! My son isn’t in daycare yet and until he starts, I use every one of his naps, quiet moments or evenings to work on BettiJock.  This means I’m even more tired at the end of the day but I believe it is that extra effort that makes a small business work and I completely understand why so many company’s fail before they have even started.


Where do you see BettiJock in years to come, and how hard is it to set up your own label?

In the future, BettiJock will be its very own brand of unique and inspiring fashion. The fashion industry is tough and not for the faint hearted. I have worked for some amazing brands and boutiques…from designing to logistics and in various different countries. But now, only a handful are still up and running…and probably one of those are actually making money. So I am under no illusions as to how hard it will be. But fortune favours the brave and the risks are worth it when you have the desire and passion, which I will never be short of.


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