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The UK isn't exactly known for sunshine and rainbows. Lately all we seem to be seem to have the pleasure of seeing is rain, rain and you guessed it, more rain.  I don't know about you, but I find it massively embarrassing when my umbrella decides to do the 'acrobatic flip' - you know what I'm talking about right?  It's the time you have to rugby tackle your brolly to the ground – real classy!


I went on the search for three umbrella's which looked good but were also made to withstand the 'good old British weather'.  This brolly-tastical trio also happened to be my 'pals' during our 100mph winds, so trust me when I say they are good quality…


Fun, sturdy and pretty cute if I do say so myself.  Not only does my son absolutely love this brolly, but I become a big kid when I pop it out of my handbag.


Small, compact and good quality – they only thing I would say is it has a small handle but to be honest, most girls need a brolly which won't take up that much space.  This umbrella didn't do acrobats in the wind which is a massive bonus.  The Globee design on the umbrella also comes in Sydney, Paris and New York – they are super trendy and I would highly recommend.


Check out more from Globee here  


This black 'automatic folding' umbrella with green and purple floral detail is absoultely perfect for our constant down-pours.  There is no messing about pulling and tugging.  It pulls down just as easy as it goes up thanks to the automatic function.


As for the 'wind related' acrobats, no stress whatsoever.  This brolly is sturdy and small so it's ideal for travel.  I think the floral pattern gives it the 'girly touch' and it also comes with a cheeky message within the inner skin of the umbrella that reads 'When does it start raining men?'.  I would have preferred the message 'Where is the bloody sunshine' but hey ho, this will have to do for now.  


I really like this umbrella, you can buy yours from Accessoryo – click here for more from their range.



Animal print 

This contemporary range from Jani Merkel are wind resistant and features a 8 ribbed metal and fibre frame.  It's made from a satin canopy and available in lots of different prints and colours.


 I love animal print and had to go for this one.  It's a full length umbrella so I always have mine in the car.


It's very chic and a tough brolly that does exactly what it says on the tin – wind just isn't a problem.  Keeping hold of it without flying off like Mary Poppins seems to be more of an issue.  My honest opinion, it's a great brolly and have ordered a few more for the family.


Buy yours from


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