Celebrities create a buzz to help save the Bumblebee!


The Bumblebee Conservation Trust and a few celebrity friends are on a mission to help save the bumblebee in the UK.  The charity has created a video that asks celebrities why the bumblebee is so important to society, to really drive home the message of how vital the bumblebee is. Responsible for pollinating our crops and wildflowers, ensuring the food we need can grow and be harvested, the bumblebee is a necessary part of our existence.  Sadly this beautiful creature is in decline and without our help it will cease to exist.


The charity has teamed up with Ben Fogle, Valentine Warner, Martha Kearney and even Sabrina the Teenage witch, Melissa Joan Hart among others to create a video that highlights some of the more important reasons as to why we need the bumblebee to exist and what losing the bumblebee would really mean.   The charity hopes that this video will make the public listen up and do what it can to save this fluffy little creature.  By simply taking the time to plant bee friendly flowers or work with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust to spot different bees everyone is helping to do their bit.


The video also shows celebrities stating that without the bumblebee many of our favourite foods would disappear, such as tomatoes, peas, beans and one of Ben Fogle’s favourites, “coffee”.  Bumblebees are Britain’s wild pollinating workforce, and without them strawberries, apples and raspberries will be far too expensive to purchase, as farmers would need to hand pollinate or in the worst case Britain would be unable to produce these crops and would need to import. Meaning no more British strawberries! 


To join the Bumblebee Conservation Trust and support this vital cause, please visit www.bumblebeeconservation.org.  If you would like to see how bee-friendly your garden is, visit http://beekind.bumblebeeconservation.org/.  This website will give your garden a bee-friendliness score on the flowers that you already have and provide top tips to make your garden even better for bumblebees.


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