Coffee is the New Business Currency in the UK!

Its official we Brits love a cup of coffee and in the workplace its seems to be an essential currency according to new research conducted by ComRes and commissioned by Nespresso.



Findings show that in a world of corporate email communications, where one in ten (10%) UK workers say that they do not feel valued at all by their employer, the provision of small perks such as quality coffee in the office encourages employee interaction and increases employee engagement and are therefore more important than ever.


1.       7 in 10 (68%) say that they find out more about what’s going on in their company from conversations around the kettle

2.       Three in ten (28%) have made an important business decision on a coffee break

3.       One in nine (11%) would reject a job offer based on the coffee provided at an interview

4.       The provision of high quality coffee (70%) ranks highly – second only to ergonomic office             equipment (81%) in terms of the perks most likely to help workers feel valued by their             employer to at least some extent

5.     One in four (26%) say that they assess the quality of a company by the standard of coffee             it provides

6.       One quarter (25%) say that high quality coffee at work would improve their daily work life             to a great extent

7.       Nearly nine in ten (87%) say that small perks are important in retaining good staff

8.       Two in five have had a creative idea (41%) or solved a difficult problem (36%) on a coffee             break

9.       Three fifths (61%) say that having a coffee is an important part of British business culture

10.   Four in five (78%) say that it is important to offer good quality coffee to visitors and clients


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