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So you think you got what it takes to be a top model? Boss Model Management over two decades have pioneered and catapulted home grown-talent to a worldwide audience.
A-Listed spoke to spoke to Lauren Mellor, Manchester's Boss Management's senior model scout about what she looks for in finding the 'picture perfect' model…
Describe the job of a model scout? 
The job as a model scout is also the one of a model booker. As the Senior Model Booker at Boss Models scouting is a small proportion of my job but it is the most exciting and rewarding.
Doing what I do changes lives and this is something that I am very mindful of when approaching a potential íscouteeí, depending on their background, age and who they are out and about with; for instance, I have had some rather awkward looks from girlfriends of guys that I am scouting. 
I do set aside time to scout and have a scouting schedule, however it is nearly always outside of these times that I find what I am looking for; normally when itís throwing it down with rain, I am ladened with shopping bags and am already running late to somewhere.
My scouting antenna is never switched off, my boss will tell you that I was born to scout and she was too. Together we have scouted some incredibly successful models for the agency that triumph in the fashion capitals worldwide. Weíre very proud of what we do. 
You are always looking for the next big thing…what is it that stands out to you about a potential top model?
I am constantly on the search. And I look for all kinds of natural beauty and nothing too manufactured. The list is HUGE and height is, as always, crucial but to give you an idea of other key things that I look for is great skin- glowing and healthy. Symmetry, good cheekbones and full lips with a great smile with straight, white teeth. 
Good proportion of facial features and nothing that's too round or fleshy looking. Along with an awesomely fit, honed and toned proportional body thatís in exceptional shape and a good measure of confidence on the side will go in their favour too.  
Models like Kate Moss, Care Delevingne all have their own unique look and style, is this essential when you scout for models?
Itís all about being a blank canvas that our clients can mould from one thing to the next. And it's not just about being pretty, Iím looking for that little something that as a booker you just know it when you see it.
Along with great looks a model also needs to be down to earth, hard working, communicative, dedicated, with an engaging personality if they want to make it. Itís the hardest job interview you can do – being judged not only on ability, personality, performance, grace, and movement, but also on looks – which are only a part of what makes a great model.
There are thousands of pretty girls and handsome guys out there. Just because we don't take them on as models, we dont mean that they're not great to look at. Plain Jane features translate into some great images. It's always the unsuspecting ones that you scout that have never thought about modelling that are the true gems. And something unique.
This could be something that is a little unconventional like Cara and Kate, or maybe geeky or gothic looking like Erin O'Connor. Lauren Hutton made a great career with her gappy teeth as her USP.  
Peoples perception of beauty has been changing over the last few years, unconventional interesting looking people are the ones who are really in demand - whilst we need commercial, pretty or handsome girls and boys for the majority of advertising clients, we are always on the look out for someone with something very special, quirky features that somehow work together – not necessarily one particular feature on its own, but rather how the composition of the face is made up and what that suggests to us – mystery, intelligence, magnetism…
Are there certain places you go to scout for models?
Anywhere basically thatís busy which drives my fiancť mad as I will always opt to walk throughthe busiest route possible. Festivals, shopping centres, high streets, train stations and universities tend to be the most fruitful hotspots. I try to avoid scouting in bars and clubs, as thereís generally too much noise, too much make up on the girls and frustrating when the Ďscouteeí looses my business card.
What are the highs and lows of your job?
It can seem like I am juggling several thousand balls whilst spinning the same amount of plates working on the booking desk, it isnít glamorous and is stressful. We are a very busy agency with all the needs of our models and clients at the forefront of what we do.
It is not a job for the faint hearted, it requires stamina, organisation and determination. I come into work looking a million dollars compared to when I leave in the evening, when I look like I have fought ten rounds with Mike Tyson and I am not exaggerating there too much.
However the joy of the job hugely out ways all the stress, I wouldnít be here otherwise and seeing the models develop and be as successful as they possibly can be is unbelievably rewarding. I am an achiever and I like to see everyone else achieve too.
Modelling is a cut throat industry, what advice would you give to budding models?
Think positively. Ignore the poison. Keep active everyday. Look after your body and most of all be a natural beauty.  A lot of what people see now in the magazines, on the red carpet or on the TV tends to be very heavily made up with make up, fake tans, false lashes, hair extensions and this is not what the industry is about.
It is very different to what we're after in the modelling industry, we're looking for that blank canvas. Girls and guys that can be turned into a multitude of different looks from one day to the next.
Celebrities are set into one particular style, they're already 'made' and this is unfortunately what people are aspiring to and itís not real. What everybody needs to remember, is that a lot of the images that people see of celebrities are cleverly airbrushed, making their skin look smoother, waist looks smaller and legs made longer. It is not a true impression of what they look like in the flesh and itís all about being, and enjoying, the natural healthy self. 



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