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A-Listed speaks to Gemma Kelson founder of Fox & Belle and the creater of beautifully crafted detachable collars and silk scarves. Driven from a combination of creating a product with a unique edge and a love of colour and pattern, this exquisite scarves and collars add seriously funky twist to any outfit. We talk fashion, style and inspiration with Gemma in this weeks Designer Talk….


Tell us more about your fashion influences as you grew up?

I created my own through drawing and painting which I spent most of my time doing, creating my own worlds. I loved diverse painters such as Cy Twombly and Lautrec – who captured interesting surface pattern and interesting portraits full of personality and costume. My mother had an amazing 80’s wardrobe, which was very glamorous and definitely influenced me. And when I grew to understand the designers that really inspired me, I found the world of Matthew Williamson the biggest insight into beautiful colour and complex surface details.

What type of things inspire you to create one-off pieces?

I don’t really create one offs (although its something I would be interested in
doing in the future!) however, my pieces are created in small runs. I like the exclusivity of owning something that not many other people have and by using small scale and local production, it allows me to create newer styles more often and tailor it to the designer maker market.

How did you get involved in iZettle’s ‘Big things start small’ campaign?

I was told about the campaign through a friend of mine and thought it sounded like a perfect match for what I do and an amazing opportunity. It got me thinking I could really get my brand out there if I was chosen, which I was! We then filmed in my surroundings to get an inside view on the lifestyle and mechanics of my brand, which was great fun and the film is another huge bonus to this process.

Which celebrity would you love to wear your designs?

I always loved Alexa Chung’s style. She has the quirky British girl down to a T and would suit the collars perfectly with her 60s edge.

What's in store for Fox & Belle for 2015?

We’re hoping for bigger and better things. Hopefully we will continue to meet new influential people and I’d absolutely love to do a creative collaboration with another brand, so if anyone is interested get in contact.

Visit Fox & Belle to find out more. 


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