Tired Eyes…?

Do you ever feel like your eyes could actually be yawning? A lack of sleep, not getting enough water and the usual daily grind can take a toll on our eyes.

Common problems such as dark circles, puffiness and even the onset of wrinkles make even the most confident woman deflated.  Taking into account our eyes are a focal point on the face, it's odd that we don't necessarily pay them the attention they need.

There are however some pretty amazing products on the market to bring back that twinkle in your eyes. 

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glo minerals Eye Revitalize

This sheer cream tones, tightens and brightens, adding an instant lift to your look, while making the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles vanish before your very eyes.

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glo therapeutics Eye Restore

glo-therapeutics Eye Restore reduces the visibility of fine lines and puffiness around the eyes and improves the texture of the delicate skin. This eye cream demonstrated an improvement in fine lines of 57% and an increase of 27% in firmness during a three-month clinical trial.

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A-Listed have personally tried and tested this one and the results are truly amazing.  The WrinkleMD's hands-free design makes it easy to use.  All you need to do is put a locket – which houses a small battery micro computer – around your neck and attach its buds to two pre loaded disposable patched around your eyes.  The WrinkleMD uses micro pulses of positive negative charges and the results are amazing.  The serum even comes with a serum which helps to lock in the moisture longer and gives the skin around the eyes a really radient boost. 


MyChelle – Magnolia Eye Gel uses a blend of peptides and plant extracts to help reduce under-eye shadows and bags.  Containing Eyeseryl® Peptide to help strengthen weakened capillaries and support the release of excess fluid responsible for dark circles and puffiness. Green Coffee stimulates and revives while Magnolia Leaf Extract helps strengthen and promote repair for a well-rested look. £26.00 www.mychelleuk.com


Heaven Skincare - Heavenly Eyes is an eye cream like no other, it has putty texture meaning there is no possibility of ever making bags, it will only help them. Contains Vitamin A, Oxygen and Moisture Reservoir to help improve fine lines and reduce under-eye bags. From £31.60 www.heavenskincare.com



Bakel Cool Eyes Bags and Dark Circles Intensive Treatment, Currently priced at £80 and available to by from www.Amazon.co.uk


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