Dressing your CV

In the era of social media and content at the speed of lightning, there is still one piece of paper that can either open a door or close it for you.  Your CV follows you around for most if not all your professional life, get smart at getting it right. Here is the A-Listed guide on what merits top marks.

Dressing your CV is very important, pay attention to the fonts, headings and paragraphs. An ideal CV should not be longer than a page. Are your sections easy on the eye? You may have the best skills for the job so donít let the display let you down.
Itís perfectly acceptable to tailor your CV to the job description. We all know what it feels like when we find those jeans with the perfect fit. Recruiters feel that way about candidates who have really tailored their CV so the skills are highly visible to the employer. There is a fine line between tailoring and embellishing, you know the drill.
Everyone is unique, your CV should be also. This doesnít mean a dose of scented perfume but make sure part of your personality touches the reader. A city head-hunter recently commented on how she chose CVís where the candidates had expressed they liked to have fun. There is nothing wrong with a bit of honesty about what you like. Itís far more believable than those candidates who claim to ski, curate art and study several languages over the weekend.
So once you have crafted your CV you need references, for those moving jobs this is generally an easy process as most HR departments will provide the necessary. If this is your first job then educational or community professionals are perfectly acceptable. Another question of choice for recruiters is on your time-line, explaining the gaps. Be honest, if you were looking for work, say so. If you had short assignments explain why you took temporary contracts. When there is nothing to hide you have nothing to loose.



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