When you have your eye on that gorgeous Carven skirt that you really can't afford, think about what you could sell from your existing wardrobe to help pay for it. For decades fashion savvy women have been shopping at secondhand shops.editsecondhand.com has taken this to a new level by allowing customers to sell their unwanted designer purchases and buy some of the best designer labels in the fashion industry.


Since launching in 2010, editsecondhand has become one of the UK's leading designer women’s wear and handbag re-sellers. The team individually edits all incoming stock so that only the most relevant and highest quality designer items are offered for sale.


We caught up with founder Rebekah Musik on how it all began.


How did the business idea come about?


I was bookseller for over a decade, went on maternity leave and never went back. I gave up a well paid career but didn't fancy giving up designer clothes. I started selling end of line stock from designers and so many customers asked me to resell items for them that I decided to change direction. We launched in Nov 2010, we didn't launch properly online until Jan 2013. We are now one of the biggest online resellers in the UK with very strong growth and big plans!


What do customers most ask for?


Jeans and cashmere, the perfect off duty look. Premium denim prices have got more and more expensive, secondhand denim makes much better sense. Designer handbags will never lose their allure, we hold a very long waiting list for nearly every designer handbag.


You have many celebrity admirers who adore your work including Lady Gaga, Jessie J and Alicia Keys to name but a few. How does this make you feel?


It feels great to have someone interested in your brand in itself and having these great artists wear them is such a great reward after a lot of hard work in the studio. It makes it all worth while!


What trends have you seen in re-selling?


People are definitely streamlining their wardrobes. They are buying less but of a better quality. This means people are happy to wear something that is secondhand designer but is of a better quality than something from the high street.


How can folks sell with you?


We do not sell on a commission basis. Our customers like their money sooner! We purchase your items from you and the money is in your bank account within 48 hours. You can email us on info@editsecondhand.com for more details.


What are you work wear essentials?


I'm a massive jacket hoarder, it's the only item I never bore of and won't sell. They are just so easy to wear over anything. Mainly I team them with skinny jeans but I'm trying to smarten up with some pencil skirts at the moment. My favourites are Stella McCartney, Iro and Isabel Marant. All purchased secondhand of course! I'm constantly told by my team to stay away from jackets that arrive.


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For further information please visit editsecondhand.com


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