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You have woken up feeling fresh and invigorated.  You brush your teeth, have a shower and preen yourself to perfection. You know you look good today and certainly donít feel like you have had lack of any sleep.  You walk in to the office and you are so glad you have worn those classy black pointy high heels and your fabulous skirt.  You pop on some lip gloss and look to your diary Ė itís certainly a busy day today you say to yourself. All of a sudden you hear those dreaded words from the back of the office…

'You look shattered'.

Those three heart wrenching words.  How are you supposed to reply?  You feel on top of the world, in fact, like a million dollars but in the back of your mind, you know there are two things that have firmly found home on your pretty blemish less face…dark circles.


There are thousands of women all over the world who would do anything to hide dark circles but what really works?  There are so many explanations plastered all over the internet, some say itís due to your diet, others say itís a lack of sleep (I am slowly clenching my fist right now). Whatever the reason, they look absolutely horrendous. 

Sam Saeed wants to give A-listed readers some options, real options, with real results.  Here are our highly recommended solutions to combat dark circles: 


Low Level laser  treatment

Claudia Fallah has been a specialist skin care therapist since 1986 and has been developing her own luxurious range for 14 years. Claudia is often referred to in the press as one of London's 'best kept secrets'and has a strong following with numerous celebrity clients from the stage, screen and the music industry among her fans. Claudia uses a low intensity laser technique which gently reduces the appearance of eye bags and associated shadows.  Whatís more the treatment is completely non-invasive.  It uses two lasers which according to medical research directly diminishes hyper-pigmentation, thus helping to dramatically lighten dark circles. Check out some of Claudiaís fabulous range of skin products on www.claudiafallah.co.uk



Cover it up

Make up has always been the every day solution to covering up your dark circles.  The problem is normally having to pick from the hundreds of products from the make-up counters. A-listed have pinned down three fabulous and affordable products to help cover up when you need it most.


Bobbi Brown Corrector comes in a pink- or peach-base to neutralise under-eye darkness Ė itís long-wearing and brightens dark circles and doesnít crease.  Over the top we think MAC Select Cover up concealer.  



There has been a particular buzz around Medik8 Pretox Eyelift. Itís an intensive cream-serum formula which not only helps to reduce wrinkles and loss of firmness around the eyes but also reduces dark shades under the eyes -  Bonus!  Medik8 is suitable for all skin types and can be purchased online for £36 from www.effortlessskin.com 

A-listed would love to hear if you know any other ways of getting rid of those Panda eyes, share your experiences with us.



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