Fake Tan: The New Normal


With the sun out youíre prepared for the leg-baring-vest-embracing weather that canít come quick enough. And that means perfecting the art of pre-summer fake tan to make even the savviest of sun worshipers jealous.


According to St Tropez, 41% of UK women now use self-tanning products. We all want that sun-kissed summer glow, but itís not always easy to achieve the perfect natural tan with products that are predominantly unnatural. With 64% of what we put onto our skin being absorbed into our bloodstreams itís important to make sure weíre knowledgeable about the products weíre using, which is why Irish company TanOrganic has invented the worldís first eco-certified tanning products, made from 95% certified organic ingredients.I took to the bottle to find out whether more natural means less noticeable.


TanOrganic has a two main tanning products, a self-tan Ďlotioní for a more immediate darker tan or a self-tanning oil to build up a gradual tan, lighter than the lotion but darker than most gradual self-tans. I chose to use the self-tan lotion as I love to see quick results and wanted to see how it faired against the likes of St. Tropez in a single overnight application.


The first thing I noticed about the product was itís smell, it has a sweet citrus orange scent much unlike the biscuit smell of other fake tans, it also came in a glass bottle which already gave it a more sophisticated feel. The dark coloured glass is used to preserve the highly active organic ingredient and also means there are no dioxins leaking into the natural formula.


The tan has more of an oil consistency to it rather than a lotion or a mousse, this made my skin feel a lot less clogged yet it was more difficult to determine where I had already applied to tan to. Throughout the instructions is repeated Ďless is moreí which I tried to stick to as much as possible, although it did feel at first like it would barely make a difference. After applying the tan I didnít feel sticky in the slightest and it dried really fast, always a bonus!


I used the self-tanning oil on my face and hands as I didnít want them as dark but still wanted them to blend into the rest of the tan. I was very sceptical on applying the tan that it didnít feel like I was putting enough on, but by the morning all of my doubts had disappeared. I was left with an even honey coloured tan, free from blotches and well blended.


It also didnít stain my clothes or bed sheets which in my book is a big thumbs up! My skin wasnít left feeling clogged and the tan stayed after a quick rinse, meaning I didnít feel like all my hard work had gone to waste in a single shower. You can order TanOrganic online athere and put your best leg forward this spring.




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